H1 Architecture: Shaping the Spaces of the World of the Future

Creating inspired built environments, shaping spaces, positively influencing humanity requires boundless passion, great purpose, and huge talent. An influential enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment to design excellence across a diverse range of building types are the features that set the H1 Architecture team apart from other architectural firms. This ambitious team grew up quickly, won international recognition, and was awarded a number of professional awards. This year it has become the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Philippines.

The principal architects, Raymond Hernandez and Juan Serina, founded H1 Architecture in 2007. Prior to this, they had several years of experience working in several countries for foreign companies as lead design architects for large scale mixed-use developments, until they decided to put up their own office. They initially started by participating and winning in numerous design competitions organized by some of the biggest developers in the country. Their common dedication, resilience, and intense passion led to the rapid growth of the company.

Today H1 Architecture is one of the leading full-service architecture, master planning, and interior design firms in the Philippines. The company is focused on improving the quality of thinking behind every project. The innovations brought about by the invaluable experiences in leading extremely diverse building types, and scale have led to the successful completion of several award-winning major developments for their innovation and commercial success.

H1 Architecture develops unique projects that shape environments and frames human stories by making narrative-driven structures defined by depth and focus. Impactful design solutions delivered by the company epitomize unmatched quality, functionality, and style.

“The recognition from the respected committee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a great honor for the entire team of H1 Architecture. We are proud that our commitment to creating innovative spaces for the future and to uplifting people’s lives has received such an honorable response among the experts,” said Raymond.

To date, H1 Architecture continues to work with most of the top developers and industry leaders in the country. It is also now focusing its efforts to evolve, broaden, and rethink how these successful ideas can be translated into solutions for international planning and architectural design projects.

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