Flying Spur V8 – the finest and sexiest Bentley saloon so far

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Whether driven by a chauffeur or by yourself, the Flying Spur V8 delivers an ultra-luxurious experience, and it’s an imposing road presence.

The Spur is named after the great world-beating Bentley Continental Tourers of the 1960s – the epitome of style for the English lady or gentleman on their continental tour. Chic and  elegant, the latest incarnation, the Flying Spur V8, is also gorgeous, fast, and supremely capable, and when it comes to luxury and opulence, few cars do it better than the Bentley Flying Spur.

Bentley’s interior designers managed to preserve the brand’s styling while incorporating modern tech features,  and it’s hard to think of any technology available on the market, and not found on this car.

The opulent cabin, that delights the senses with high-end leathers, woods, and metal intermingles with modern technology, is everything you would expect from a Bentley. The elegant package, combined with an athletic handling for a luxury sedan, makes Bentley an impressive car, hard to beat by its competitors.

The driving position is excellent, despite the car being lower and sportier than other competing limousines. Both in the front and back, there’s plenty of space for adults to stretch out and enjoy the luxurious environs.

The adjustable, massaging front seats are perfect for all kind of trips. In the rear, meanwhile, the sumptuous and comfortable seats have plenty of room, and the car can be arranged as a five- or four-seater (with a huge arm rest that includes a fridge).

A remote touchscreen controller mounted to the rear of the center console allows rear-seat riders to adjust certain things without asking the driver for assistance. For instance, you can use it to open and close the window shades, adjust the cabin climate, and activate the rear-seat massagers.

A large 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen is nicely situated on the Flying Spur’s wood dashboard. Passengers can connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, and those with compatible smartphones will enjoy the Spur’s Apple CarPlay integration. Bentley provides a 10-speaker stereo system standard.

With flowing lines and plenty of character, along with a new, wider grill, the car has a lot of charisma. Longer and lower than its predecessor, with sharpener lines, makes it the sexiest Bentley saloon yet.  A generously sized trunk offers plenty of space for luggage or cases of champagne 😊

Let’s talk numbers… The V8 is 5.3 m long, it comes with eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and a powerful twin-turbocharged engine. Weighing more than 2300 kg, develops 542bhp and 770Nm of torque,  and delivers a 3.5 second zero to 60 mph run.

In everyday driving, the V8 feels completely effortless and relaxing to drive, and you feel totally pampered inside; there’s no noise inside, just a gentle burble from the exhausts, and small bumps and ripples in the road surface are merely heard rather than felt.

At high speed, on the road, the chassis soaks up bumps with ease, and under power the Spur handles like a sports car, with the air suspension keeping things smooth on the worst of roads.

Bentley customers can choose from one of several themes when ordering their Flying Spur, and we suggest going with a fully bespoke build to make it uniquely yours.

A seemingly endless array of exterior colors and styling choices awaits you in the Bentley Mulliner customization program. The same goes for the interiors, which can include several different types of wood, different-colored leather, and polished metal accents.

Verdict: The Flying Spur V8 is Bentley’s finest and sexiest sedan yet – and the leader in its class.  It’s the perfect car both for a long road trip or a sporty drive,  and the technology on board, helps you position and maneuver it perfectly.


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