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Experience The Natural Wonders of Madeira Island with Rota dos Cetáceos


Rota dos Cetáceos, based in Madeira Island, Portugal, is dedicated to the observation of dolphins and whales on the island. Offering a variety of memorable experiences to guests, including swimming with dolphins, whale watching, and snorkeling, the committed company has been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner in the category Best Luxury Experience in Madeira Island, Portugal, 2023.

Rota dos Cetáceos, led by CEO Pedro Mendes Gomes,  offers something truly special and exclusive – an experience with nature in the great open seas. Allowing guests to experience majestic animals in their natural habitats is one of the reasons the company is so popular and so successful.

Tailored whale and dolphin tours are always accompanied by their team of marine biologists. There are 28 different species of cetaceans (dolphins and whales), including turtles that can be seen throughout the year in this revered location.

At Rota dos Cetáceos, swimming with dolphins is done in a calm and safe way so that guests enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience without any stress or discomfort.  Their trips are made in three, fast, semi-rigid type boats.

Rota dos Cetáceos also offers guests the exclusive opportunity to rent their own private, luxury boat in Madeira. With their beautiful Princess 58 yacht, you are free to explore untouched private beaches that are only accessible by boat. Experience lunch on board and spend an unforgettable day with loved ones. This luxury yacht charter, which is 18 meters in length always includes a skipper who will safely take you where you desire to go, as well as an extra crew member to make sure you are comfortable.

During the yacht charter, you can visit the Southern Coastline of Madeira and stop to swim in the crystal waters, and  Rota dos Cetáceos will provide towels, masks, and snorkels. Rota dos Cetáceos adds to your experience by providing champagne, wine, beer, water and soda, and some snacks. Guests are welcome to bring their own desired food too.

Guests are able to choose a half-day trip (4 hours), or full day (7 hours), and while Rota dos Cetáceos has created a specialized, suggested itinerary, guests are always welcome to create their own!

“We are so proud and honored to receive this recognition from Luxury Lifestyle Awards! We welcome guests from all over the world, and thank those who decide to see the animals in this way, in their natural environment!”, says CEO Pedro Mendes Gomes.

Book your exciting adventure with Rota dos Cetáceos. Visit https://rota-dos-cetaceos.pt/ for more information.


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