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Luxury Architecture


ECOGREEN ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, the eminent architectural and engineering consultancy firm, has been honored with the prestigious title of Best Luxury Architecture and Engineering Consultancy by the esteemed Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This recognition comes as a testament to the exceptional creativity, technical prowess, and unwavering commitment to sustainability that the company embodies. 

ECOGREEN ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, headquartered in Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is known for its creative brilliance, technical expertise, and a forward-looking global perspective that sets them apart in the luxury architectural and engineering industry. 

What sets ECOGREEN apart is its unwavering dedication to becoming a natural extension of its clients. For every project, the company takes a holistic approach by speaking the client’s language and understanding the business drivers behind each venture. This approach ensures that each project is a unique masterpiece, customized to suit individual preferences and needs. 

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, ECOGREEN ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS lead the way. The company integrates technology and design in alignment with LEED standards to craft smart and efficient buildings. Their aspirations include promoting sustainability by collaborating with certified zero-carbon and low-carbon-emitting vendors. 

With a design philosophy that seeks to create spatial experiences that allow people to dream and reimagine new visions for the future, ECOGREEN consistently explores the role of architecture in a broader context. They specialize in developing intelligent designs that synthesize living materials with digital tools, creating environments that balance tactical functions and urban contexts. 

Prakash Bhambhani, Founder and Managing Director with a background in Civil Engineering, contributes specialist and engineering prowess. Prashant Chougule, the Principal Architect, brings 20 years of creative expertise, serving as the creative arm of the firm.  

This dynamic collaboration emphasizes the perfect blend of art and engineering. These two esteemed individuals in their respective fields are the driving force behind ECOGREEN ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, and together, they provide clients with the most creative and seamless design solutions. The vision for creating architectural landmarks with a “work of art” quality has propelled the company to where it stands today. 

“Receiving the award for Best Luxury Architecture and Engineering Consultancy is a profound honor, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. This recognition reaffirms our vision to create architectural masterpieces that redefine luxury living.” – Prakash Bhambhani, Founder & Managing Director of ECOGREEN ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS. 

In an industry that thrives on unbridled optimism, creativity, and innovation, ECOGREEN ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS stands as a paragon of excellence. Their motto, “We don’t design spaces…we envision a way of living,” encapsulates their commitment to creating architectural wonders that transcend the ordinary. 

ECOGREEN ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS invites you to explore their portfolio and learn more about its cutting-edge projects, sustainable practices, and innovative designs. Visit their website at https://www.ecogreenuae.ae/ to discover how they envision a way of living through their architectural masterpieces. 


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