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Cross-Continental Luxury Services with .beachfront Real Estate & Investment


The founder of .beachfront Real Estate & Investment, Ibrahim A. Mahmoud, says the company is an expression of a way of life and its philosophy. Loyalty and appreciation to the customer characterize the .beachfront team – offering holistic, personal, direct, and, above all, individual solutions for their dream of living on the Red Sea. The fast-growing company, based in Hurghada, Egypt, was honored with the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best New Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Egypt.

.beachfront is a company built on a strong foundation of trust, with a team that has 14 years of experience in the German real estate market. The German-Egyptian company connects the continents of Europe and Africa and strives to provide each client with first-class services and their undivided attention, whether buying or selling a property. Ibrahim A. Mahmoud built the company with a deep love for Egypt and pursues his vision to provide his clients with a secure real estate purchase.

The COVID pandemic affected travel greatly, and .beachfront has adapted to these after effects, making sure that they are personally available and present for their guests throughout the year, in Hurghada as well as in Frankfurt am Main.

.beachfront believes that a targeted social media presence is needed, but attributes the young company’s growing success to the wonderful words and recommendations of their satisfied customers. They strive to prepare thoroughly for each viewing appointment, keeping their online listings up to date and their promotional efforts effective. They follow set workflows, but are equally flexible in dealing with different requests and investment volumes to prepare customized offers for each client and put their needs first.

The experienced team is proud to be a part of .beachfront, and admit to treating the company like their “baby”.  Their after-sales services allow for .beachfront to be there for their customers long after the signing of the sales contract, taking care of the renovation, security and interim rental of their property together with them. The company also maintains a trustful and very personal relationship with all their business partners, which makes them stand out from their competitors.

.beachfront works completely individually through qualified buyer mandates, and take care of their buyers, right from the idea of buying their dream property, to the review of documents by specialized lawyers, offering services such as management, furnishing, and making calculations on the investment volume and yield calculation. They also protect their sellers through their off-market pool. Discretion is paramount for buyers and sellers.

Ultimately, .beachfront believes that real estate is an investment, monetarily and temporally, and the fulfillment of a life dream is much more than selling clients something that they can get somewhere else.

“We would like to thank all our clients for their trust and for every recommendation, and Luxury Lifestyle Awards for choosing us for this wonderful award. We are grateful and so thrilled! If you are a .beachfront “beginner”, we welcome you to our team and will give everything to fulfill your dream of a property or vacation on the Red Sea.”, says Ibrahim A Mahmoud.

Visit this thriving company’s website for more information at https://www.beachfront-realestate.com/


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