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Classic Timeless Bachelor Pad by L’atelier Fantasia


This 137 square-meter bachelor’s apartment is the realization of the client’s stylistic desire for an elegant, yet timeless space from American designer, Ralph Lauren. Featuring elements of the Brook Street home collection, rich leather, wool plaids, mahogany, and dark burl wood dominate this masculine space. “Style should be timeless with quality and good taste. Quality improves with age and use.”-Ralph Lauren.  

With roots in high-end traditional American design, featuring timeless, high quality materials exuding elegance and aristocracy, but also reflecting impeccable taste. Having lived and studied for many years in the US, the client’s tastes resonant with the design concepts and aesthetics of Ralph Lauren. Reflecting these ideals, the overall design of the home centers around features of an elegant lifestyle: equestrian and yachting photography and collectables. 

The interior incorporates paint, wallpaper, brand-named furniture, marble, tile, with pieces from the Apartment No. 1, and Brook Street collections. Dark grained woods and leather pieces exude masculinity. A mantle-piece surround for the TV conjures the warmth of a fireplace. Ralph Lauren’s classic green Scottish fabric is used for chairs, sofas and pillows throughout the living room and transformable open study, tufted dark leather sofa and chairs flash with brass finishing nails. 


Located in a new building, this apartment has 137m2 of space divided into two bedrooms, (one master with walk-in closet and en suite, the other also featuring an en suite), a living room, transformable study, dining room, an open kitchen, and an outdoor balcony. 

“What I do is about living. It’s about living the best life you can and enjoying the fullness of the life around you- from what you wear, to the way you live, to the way you love.” By Ralph Lauren.        

Opening on a black-framed white horse, the tone for the space is elegance light gray with dark wood. The living room features a dark wood-grained herringbone tile floor that continues through the study and the dining room. Crown molding states elegance, while clean modern lines and a central island in the kitchen reflect simplicity yet functionality. The master suite flips the scheme with bold dark wood paneled walls and molding with light carpet and a splash of royal blue over the bed. 

The main objective of fulfilling the client’s dream of the perfect Ralph Lauren inspired home required eight months of research and design to achieve success. Selection of materials, color schemes, trim, and sourcing specific furnishings was a joint effort. These pieces then drove fabric and finishes selection to complete the harmony. 

In order to satisfy the client, the designer worked to locate and acquire the necessary furnishings to realize the vision of the space. Obtaining timeless classic pieces and symbols representing the technicality and purity of yachting, exclusivity of gentlemen’s sports, and equestrian traditions was also a challenge. 

This bachelor’s apartment inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Brook Street and Apartment No. 1 collections exudes masculinity. From the dark wood panels of the master, rich, brass-nail finished tufted leather couch and seat, plaid wool finished seats and pillows, Brook Street desk, to the framed print of Roger Moore as 007 in the study, the apartment boldly states elegance, timelessness, and aristocracy.  

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