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Casas + Architects Inc – Developing the Future of the Philippines Today


To be acknowledged as being among the best in the world is a standard that only a select few can reach. Luxury Lifestyle Awards distinguishes a small number of companies and groups as trailblazers in their relative fields. Casas + Architects have consistently displayed superior work and forward-thinking excellence with every project. For their 14th annual awards, Luxury Lifestyle Awards have identified and acknowledged a particularly impressive masterpiece of luxury architecture and have awarded Casas + Architects as the winner of the Best Luxury High Rise Architecture for Shang One Horizon in the Philippines.

The award-winning Shang One Horizon skyscraper also makes history by being the first building in the Philippines to feature a cold bent glass façade. Not only is the result stunning to behold, but the practice, which is relatively new in the industry, is both energy- and cost-efficient.

Casas + Architects Inc is a group of highly skilled industry experts whose technological prowess and forward-thinking creativity enables them to provide outstanding service in three fields of specialization, namely: Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Master planning.

The multidisciplinary group makes a point, at the start of every project, to place a great level of importance on sustainability. From conceptual design to material selection, the group remains open-minded and actively on the lookout for newer, better ways to utilize existing technologies and incorporate newer strategies for sustainability.

Responsible for high-end projects such as the Grand Hyatt Manila Residences in the remarkable Bonifacio Global City and the One Shangri-La Place Towers in Mandaluyong, the group has already made a significant mark on the Philippine landscape.

As Casas + Architects Inc continues on the construction of its award-winning Shang One Horizon, the group continues to contribute to the creation and master planning of luxury high-rise residential condominiums, commercial complexes, and noteworthy high-rise buildings all over the Philippines.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the iconic Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury High Rise Architecture for our Shang One Horizon project. We have made incredible progress since we commenced construction in 2021, and grow more excited as we see our shared vision materializing. We consider it our most ambitious project to date, so being acknowledged for our creativity and hard work makes it all the more rewarding as we continue to push boundaries in our pursuit for excellence,” says Carmelo Casas, CEO of Casa + Architects Inc.

For more information on their award-winning projects and forward-thinking ethos, visit their website here: http://www.casasarchitects.com/


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