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Cape Town’s John Jacob Interiors Takes Home Multiple Wins at Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Luxury Residential Interior Design


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is thrilled to announce John Jacob Interiors as a Multiple Award Winner in the categories of Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for Bishopscourt in South Africa and Best Luxury Residential Renovation Interior Design for Steenberg in South Africa. 

John Jacob Zwiegelaar, the mastermind behind John Jacob Interiors, is renowned for his holistic design approach. He considers every detail, from the architecture of the space to custom furniture and finishing touches to craft interiors that tell a story. John’s meticulous process prioritizes harmony above all else, ensuring a cohesive living environment that engages the senses. 

Since 2005, John Jacob Interiors has crafted highly bespoke spaces around the world, from Cape Town and Johannesburg to London, Berlin, Oslo, and Los Angeles. John’s interior design projects frequently grace the pages of Condé Nast House & Garden, House & Leisure, VISI, and Elle Décor, as well as international editions of Vogue and House & Garden and Andrew Martin Interior Design Reviews. He has received numerous accolades, including being honored twice at the SA Style Awards, cementing his place on the A-list of South African designers, and making his studio one of the country’s most sought-after. 

Their most recent award-winning projects, recognized by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, showcase the bespoke craftsmanship and design excellence that define John Jacob Interiors: 

Bishopscourt, Cape Town, South Africa: This new traditional home seamlessly blends grand architectural features with elegant interiors, preserving a sense of heritage and evoking a feeling of nostalgia. John Jacob Interiors handled the architecture, interior design, and furnishing of this gracious property, ensuring every detail was meticulously crafted to reflect timeless sophistication and contemporary comfort. 

Steenberg, Cape Town, South Africa: This project represents a transformation – a complete renovation that feels like a new build. Ninety percent of the original structure was demolished to create a modern, open-plan living space with classic finishes, including timber ceilings and a neutral color scheme. John Jacob Interiors led both the interior design and interior architecture for this project. 

John Jacob Interiors has solidified its position as a leader in bespoke luxury design, evidenced by its recent multiple wins at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Their projects in Bishopscourt and Steenberg exemplify their mastery in crafting unique living experiences that seamlessly blend classic and modern aesthetics. John Jacob Zwiegelaar’s meticulous attention to detail ensures a holistic design experience for each client, encompassing architecture, interior design, and custom furnishings. This commitment to personalized luxury has earned John Jacob Interiors international acclaim and continues to set them apart in the competitive world of design. 

For more details on John Jacob Interiors’ award-winning projects and their design philosophy, please visit https://www.johnjacobinteriors.com/.  


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