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Bridal Sets – Engagement + Wedding Ring for Her


What is a bridal set ring? Well, putting it simply, a bridal set is a ring that is meant to represent the wedding band and engagement ring in one piece. It’s something to consider when you are thinking about popping the question, or perhaps already have and are thinking about what would be the perfect ring? Take a look at our suggestions for why you should look into a bridal set ring.

Stacked rings are all the rage right now

If you looked at any “Engagement rings trends of 2022” article lately, you’re likely to have come across the stacked rings trend. This isn’t anything new, and it isn’t technically a bridal set, but it is too. A bridal set implies that the two rings, the wedding and engagement ring are fused together somehow, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

However, you can implement one of the best elements of the stacked rings to your bridal set. That being the wedding band that winds its way around the stone of your engagement ring, making for a nice cushion that means you aren’t likely to feel your rings clash against each other.

Why is this look so popular? Well, for the same reasons as any other bridal set…

Coordination is always stylish

A wedding ring and engagement ring has to sit on the same finger, so it’s more pleasing to the eye if they match on some level. This is commonly down to the metal of the band, but you can also match the thickness, the arrangement of the surrounding diamonds or gems, if any, and other elements.

It comes down to personal preference. If you’re very mix and match, the idea of the bridal set might put you off, but the uniformity of bridal sets is likely to appeal to a lot of people.

It’s convenient

The fact that a bridal set is two or three rings fused together makes for a convenient buy. You’re only technically buying one ring, with some trimmings. Plus, it’s easier to keep track of the one hugely important expensive ring. More rings mean more chance of one falling down the plughole.

They’re also convenient to design. You can coordinate the elements of your engagement ring with those of the wedding band, making the whole process a lot easier. You will have an exact metal match all made by the one person, rather than mixing and matching on the finer details and settling for a set that “just about” matches.

It’s comfortable

Due to the lack of clashing, swinging around individually, and pinching that might occur with stacked rings, the bridal set ring is a great choice for comfort. And that’s important, because you’re going to be wearing this forever. It cannot be understated how important comfort is and there are a few different areas where it can be affected. There is the example of stacked rings being two rings so they’re likely to do their own thing, but there is also metal to think about, and whether you might be allergic.


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