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Arvo arquitectura de Juan Receives Coveted Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Hotel Architecture


Luxury Lifestyle Awards, the leading platform in recognizing and celebrating excellence in the luxury industry, is thrilled to announce Arvo arquitectura de Juan as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Hotel Architecture for JW Marriot in Madrid, Spain. Arvo arquitectura de Juan’s exceptional work on the JW Marriott has set a new standard for luxury hotel architecture.

Arvo arquitectura de Juan is a visionary team of architects renowned for their ability to listen attentively to their clients’ expectations and needs while delivering remarkable designs that combine aesthetics with construction and operational excellence. With a focus on quality and personalized attention, Arvo arquitectura de Juan simultaneously takes on a limited number of large projects, ensuring an unwavering commitment to each endeavor.

The luxury hotel industry has witnessed the impressive expertise of Arvo arquitectura de Juan over the past five years, as they have successfully completed numerous projects in the hospitality sector. Collaborating seamlessly with interior designers, Arvo arquitectura de Juan ensures a harmonious fusion of architecture and interior design, offering guests an unparalleled experience. Their mastery of construction details guarantees the delivery of projects with exceptional quality and finesse.

One of Arvo arquitectura de Juan’s remarkable achievements includes their design and site supervision for the JW Marriott in Madrid. This extraordinary endeavor involved the structural consolidation of a listed building dating back to 1890, laying the foundation for the implementation of a future 5-star hotel project. The integration of the new restaurant and terrace within the surroundings of the park and the breathtaking views of the Madrid skyline demonstrate Arvo arquitectura de Juan’s commitment to blending architecture seamlessly with the natural environment.

“We are incredibly honored and grateful to receive the Best Luxury Hotel Architecture award from Luxury Lifestyle Awards for our work on the JW Marriott in Madrid, Spain. At Arvo arquitectura de Juan, we believe in the power of good design combined with construction and operational excellence. Our dedicated team ensures that each project receives the utmost attention and care, allowing us to deliver exceptional results. This recognition further motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and delivering projects of unmatched quality,” commented founder, Maria de Juan.

Arvo arquitectura de Juan continues to shape the landscape of luxury hotel architecture with their innovative designs, transformative visions, and unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction. Luxury Lifestyle Awards proudly commends Arvo arquitectura de Juan on their remarkable achievement, recognizing them as a driving force in the evolution of the luxury hospitality industry.

For more information about Arvo arquitectura de Juan and their remarkable projects, please visit their website at https://dejuanarquitectura.com/


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