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Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Awarded Best Luxury Destination Hotel in Finland 2024

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is delighted to announce that Arctic TreeHouse Hotel has been honored with the noble title of Best Luxury Destination Hotel in Finland for 2024. This accolade recognizes the hotel’s exceptional commitment to providing unprecedented luxury experiences amidst the stunning natural beauty of the Arctic Circle.

Founded by entrepreneurial couple Ilkka Länkinen and Katja Ikäheimo-Länkinen, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel offers a unique blend of luxury and nature. Inspired by childhood play in the forest and a deep connection to nature, the hotel’s shingle-clad suites stand on stilts among the trees, resembling playful pine cone cows, blending seamlessly into the landscape.

The hotel’s specialty lies in its delicate surroundings, with the changing seasons and natural phenomena like the Northern Lights and the midnight sun enhancing its charm. Guests enjoy luxurious comfort, exclusive Arctic activities, and high-end service, leading to an experience of Finnish happiness during their stay. The connection with SantaPark Arctic World, which includes the luxurious DMC Lapland Luxury, the enchanting Santa Claus Secret Forest, the award-winning Rakas Restaurant, and the indoor Christmas theme park SantaPark, adds an extra touch of magic.

At Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, memorable experiences are crafted through exceptional customer service. By understanding and anticipating the entire customer journey, the hotel ensures each moment is unique and contributes to lasting memories. The staff’s genuine interest in guests’ wishes and needs, along with personalized service, makes each stay special.

The hotel’s pristine location offers accessibility, safety, and stunning natural beauty year-round. The underground gala venue beside the hotel also provides a magical setting for unforgettable events. Luxury at Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is defined by surroundings and experiences that allow complete relaxation and trust in every detail being taken care of. The hotel’s pillars include trustworthiness, love for guests and team members, authenticity, locality, and creativity, ensuring an exceptional stay.

“We are honored to receive this award and grateful for the recognition of our dedication to providing a unique luxury experience that connects our guests with the natural beauty of the Arctic,” said Ilkka Länkinen and Katja Ikäheimo-Länkinen, founders of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. “Our vision has always been to create a sanctuary where nature and luxury meet, and this award is a testament to the passion and hard work of our entire team.”

For more information, please visit https://arctictreehousehotel.com/

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