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Luxury Lifestyle Awards Celebrates ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture as Best Luxury Villa Interior Design in Spain

Luxury Villa Interior Design


ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture, a name synonymous with exquisite design and unparalleled craftsmanship, has emerged as a distinguished winner in the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards. With a profound commitment to personalized, exclusive designs and a distinct approach to interior architecture, ANNAROMEO has been recognized for its exceptional work in the category of Best Luxury Villa Interior Design for Villa Rosa in Barcelona, Spain. 

With a boutique approach that stands out in the world of design, ANNAROMEO elevates luxury interior experiences through its distinctive style, meticulous attention to artisanal details, and close collaboration with clients. Each project is treated as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reflecting a refined and unique design journey. 

Based in the heart of Barcelona, ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture holds a global footprint, transforming residential, hospitality, and leisure interiors across the world with its refined design sensibility. The studio’s ability to create intelligent spaces and authentic, emotive experiences is a testament to the highly personal work ethic, ceaseless curiosity, inherent intuition, and relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries. 

“ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture is thrilled to receive this prestigious accolade from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The ANNAROMEO philosophy is to go beyond the exceptional and enhance the well-being of everyone who sees, lives, and works in the projects we create. This award is a recognition of our team’s passion, dedication, and relentless commitment to delivering designs that delight with detail, precision, functionality, and aesthetic appeal,” said Anna Chystiakova, CEO & Founder of ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture. 

Villa Rosa, a historical gem constructed during the modernist era in 1911, is a significant part of Catalonia’s cultural heritage catalog. ANNAROMEO’s transformation of this iconic villa is a masterful blend of contemporary furniture and collectible design with meticulously preserved historical elements. The project achieves a seamless balance that celebrates both the past and the present, harmoniously blending old-world charm with modern innovation. 

“Villa Rosa holds a special place in the cultural heritage of Catalonia, and we were determined to honor its unique history while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary design. This project has been a labor of love, where we have preserved select historical furniture pieces and seamlessly integrated them with visionary modern elements, creating a timeless equilibrium,” added Anna. 

By creating the unexpected, ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture exemplifies new ways of living that are both delightfully surprising and unmistakably innate. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards warmly applaud and commemorate ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture’s relentless pursuit of design excellence. Their exceptional design prowess, combined with an unwavering dedication to perfection, has not only elevated them to this prestigious recognition but has also set a new standard for the industry. 

For more information about ANNAROMEO Design & Architecture, please visit https://www.annaromeo.design/  


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