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Ako In Celebrated for Milena House Interior Design

Ako In OÜ


Ako In has deservedly been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner of the title Best Luxury Residential Interior Design in Estonia, 2024, for their exemplary work on Milena House located in the picturesque Tänassilma village, Harjumaa county, Estonia.

Established as a family venture, Ako In has consistently excelled in designing luxurious residential interiors and establishing captivating public spaces. Led by Mait Lauri (CEO) and Alesja Kovalenko-Lauri, the company’s ability to merge opulence with nature has garnered international acclaim.

The winning project, Milena House, epitomizes Ako In’s innovative methods. Beginning its journey in November 2022 and reaching completion in December 2023, Milena House embodies meticulous planning and craftsmanship beyond compare.

The client’s brief was succinct yet profound: a harmonious fusion of luxury and nature. Ako In meticulously curated every aspect of Milena House to embody this ethos. From the sprawling windows framing serene forest views, where deer occasionally grace breakfast-time vistas, to the heart of the home—a magnificent two-sided fireplace adorned with Luxury Black Fusion granite and wood panels—every detail exudes sophistication and tranquility.

Ako In’s approach to the Milena House project was as unique as the result it yielded. The interior design process commenced from the inside-out, with room planning dictating the architectural blueprint. This innovative methodology ensured seamless integration with the natural surroundings, optimizing sunlight, vistas, and accessibility.

Sustainability lies at the core of Ako In’s design philosophy. By designing timeless interiors using high-quality materials and bespoke craftsmanship, the company champions longevity and eco-consciousness. Each piece of furniture, every fixture, bears the hallmark of Ako In’s dedication to sustainable luxury.

In Milena House, Ako In perfectly generated a range of interior fittings and furniture, from custom-designed fireplaces and kitchens to bespoke beds and bathroom furnishings. Collaborating with skilled artisans and manufacturers, Ako In ensured every element reflected their passion and distinction.

“Our interiors are personalized by each client,” said Mait Lauri. “We try to spot their personality and figure out what they like. This is the base of designing process. Whole Design process is like psychological game where at least one of the winners must be the client. Milena House is a labor of love, blending luxury beautifully with nature. This recognition underscores our team’s dedication to perfecting timeless, sustainable interiors that transcend expectations.”

Apart from Milena House, Ako In has had a hand in several different projects, including the modern and sophisticated Residence in Tartu.

For more information about Ako In and their award-winning projects, visit www.akoin.ee

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