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4 Star Superior For Riva del Sole Resort & Spa With A Green Future


Riva del Sole Resort & Spa is a prestigious resort that boasts a variety of unique designs that are inspired by the natural surroundings of the local area, with luxurious rooms and suites, world-class restaurants, a magnificent white sand seaside and an amazing conference & meeting center all of which are second to none. With all this to offer and more the impeccable resort has recently been awarded Best Luxury Design Hotel in Tuscany, Italy by the professionals at Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Riva del Sole Resort & Spa is a luxury 4-star superior hotel that is situated in the enchanting Tuscan seaside, nestled between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the picturesque hills of the Maremma. This award is a testament to the hard work of its team who strive to provide their guests with the incredible experience they deserve. If you are looking for a luxury design hotel in Tuscany, Italy, look no further than Riva del Sole Resort & Spa. The award-winning hotel offers the perfect blend of luxury, design, and relaxation, set against the stunning backdrop of the Tuscan landscape.

Established in the 60’s, Riva del Sole Resort & Spa has recently undergone major renovations as well as a restyling intervention that has completely enhanced its identity, philosophy, and its history. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the resort’s privileged location, combined with designer Eva Khoury ’s inspirational marvel creation has resulted in a truly luxurious experience that is unrivaled in Tuscany. Riva del Sole Resort & Spa’s commitment to luxury is evident in every aspect of the resort, from the world-class cuisine served in the restaurant to the impeccable service provided by the attentive staff. In addition, the resort’s stunning design has been recognized by numerous publications, which hailed Riva del Sole Resort & Spa as “one of the most beautiful hotels in Tuscany”.

Embracing a green philosophy of eco-sustainability and environmental friendliness, Riva del Sole Resort & Spa views the surrounding nature as its heritage and has made its mission to protect it. Promoting the aspect of nature, Riva del Sole Resort & Spa possesses a stringent set of rules that it abides by to minimize the wastage of water and environmental pollution. Riva del Sole Resort & Spa has also taken to promoting the use of bicycles and electric transport in respect of the environment.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognized as the Best Luxury Design Hotel in Tuscany, Italy” said Riva del Sole’s managing director Carlo Castelli “This award is a result of the hard work of our entire team, who are dedicated to providing our guests with the very best experience possible.”

Find out more about Riva del Sole Resort & Spa by visiting their website at http://rivadelsole.it/


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