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    Marketing research

    Local, regional, and international research takes place to identify the very best across all categories

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    (there is no entry fee to pay)

    • Nominations can be made by Luxury Lifestyle Awards research and selection committee on an annual basis

    • Nominations can be requested directly by the company (for this company has to complete the details in ‘Apply Now’)

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    Winners' selection

    Once nominations have been accepted a shortlist will be made prior to the final selection of winners

  • 8

    Nomination on the
    next year

    Pre-register for nomination in the following years' awards


    The awards process consists of eight main steps

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    Winners will be contacted with news of their victory and official congratulatory letters will be provided

  • 7

    Promotion Campaign Report

    A full report is provided at the end of the promotion campaign

  • 6

    Preparation of Winners’ Kit

    Preparation and delivery of the winners' kits with trophies,
    framed certificates, plaques, etc., according to the chosen promotion

  • 5

    Winners' promotion

    Individually tailored advertising and promotion campaigns in accordance with the selected Promo Package

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