• 9

    Nomination on the
    next year

  • 1

    Nomination (free)

    • Nominations are made by companies on their own

      Fill out the form —
      10 minutes

    • Nominations are made by Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts on an annual basis

      Throughout the year

  • 2

    Marketing research

    3 days

  • 8


    After all services within the selected Promo Package are provided

    In 1 week


    The awards process consists of nine main steps and takes about two to three weeks

  • 3


    Notification of victory or refusal
    to grant the award

  • 7

    Global promotion

    Individually tailored advertising and promotion campaign in accordance with the selected Promo Package

    3, 6 or 12 months (depends on the Promo Package)

  • 6

    Preparation of Winner’s Kit with merchandising materials

    Up to 3 weeks

  • 5

    Presentation of Global Luxury Consumer Report

    with the results of the marketing research

    In 1 week

  • 4

    Selection of
    Promo Package

    that corresponds to the winner’s budget and marketing goals best

    In case of victory only —
    1 day

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