Turning Personal Uniqueness into Perfect Design


The luxurious design cannot have universal and mass character – it must always be unique and personalized. If it is a private house, its interior has to reflect the owner`s preferences and desires. If it is a business building, it has to be designed adequately for what these buildings are intended for. GAF Design Studio adheres to these principles with the addition of its distinctive, innovative and future-oriented approach.

The studio was founded in 2012 by the visionary architectural engineer Ahmed Gabr. Today the award-winning GAF Design Studio is a team of enthusiasts, providing a full range of interior, architecture, and landscape design projects. It took a very short period of time for the ambitious studio to receive international recognition and become one of the top design studios in Egypt. Since its inception, the firm has received multiple accolades, including awards from Niche Awards, International Property Awards, and many others. This year GAF Design Studio has confirmed its high status and became the winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the second time.

GAF Design Studio is known worldwide as a provider of original, elegant, detail-oriented luxury designs. The success of each project is based on several key principles that help Gabr and his team to achieve the best outcome. The first of them is attentive listening to the client, discovering his needs, desires, his character and personality. It lets the designer create a design that meets the client`s expectations. Such deep attention to what the customer says opens the way for Ahmed Gabr to design more than just architectural structures or interiors. Translating the clients` words into designs, GAF Design Studio creates their homes of dreams.

This tactic also helps the designers avoid the error of being sure that they know better what their clients need than the clients themselves. Gabr always takes into consideration the customer`s preferences and character, absorb them into the designs and offers customized homes for every client. GAF Design Studio doesn`t have two projects similar to each other, because each of them has the customer`s unique character and temperament.

Each member of the GAF Design Studio team remains up to date with the latest developments in the field of architecture, design, and engineering, constantly updates knowledge by reading new books and examining recent studies. Creating distinctive designs, which are able to reflect the modern lifestyle, is impossible without absorbing the latest tendencies in the corresponding fields.

Implementing architectural and design projects is inextricably linked to selecting the materials. Ahmed Gabr always strives to provide perfect results, that’s why GAF Design Studio uses only high-quality raw materials. The appropriate combinations of materials, different lighting techniques, colors and other details that sometimes can`t be seen at first glance evoke the luxury designs, which were so highly praised by the committee of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The forward-looking studio never stops evolving: with hundreds of successful projects implemented, they always say that their best project is the one they are working on. And knowing that GAF Design Studio aims at perfection each time, you can be sure that their new project will definitely be the best one.

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