The Many Shades of the Luxury Coffee Perfection by 30 NORTH

The perfection of the taste of luxury coffee is born from a set of characteristics backed by years of experience and the passion and dedication of the roast master. It is the outcome of craftsmanship that unfolds the beauty of each finest bean and reveals its story through the highest degrees of flavor. To achieve this result and create the perfect specialty coffee, 30 NORTH invests enormous resources. All these thoughts, time, and strict quality control are embodied in a unique product that becomes a revelation for the most sophisticated coffee connoisseurs. So, it is no wonder that the Luxury Lifestyle Awards panel recognized the brand’s achievements naming it the winner in the category of Best Luxury Coffee in Egypt.

30 NORTH is a specialty coffee roasting company founded in 2017 by the couple Amr El-Khazindar and Noha Khattab. The brand was the realization of a dream that its creators have cherished for a long time. More than 20 years of professional experience, commitment to excellence, unparalleled dedication towards the growth & development of the brand allowed the founders to achieve impressive success and unparalleled quality of the core product. Today 30 NORTH is known as Egypt’s Homegrown Specialty Coffee Hub, which reflects the brand’s versatility. It is not only a specialty coffee producer but also an inviting place where guests can have a global coffee experience in a thoughtfully designed atmosphere.

30 NORTH was born in Cairo, and it’s hard to find a city better suited to the emergence of a brand with coffee as the hero of the menu. It is a place with an ancient tradition of making and consuming the invigorating drink, which is called the World’s First Coffee Capital. The name of the brand is inspired directly by the capital of Egypt: 30 NORTH is the coordinates of Cairo on the map.

30 NORTH owns strategically located outlets in 6th October, Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek, New Cairo, and the North Coast. These are exquisitely furnished spaces where guests can enjoy luxury coffees expertly prepared from the finest beans imported from around the world. Coffee, in all its variety of flavors and aromas, is definitely the highlight at 30 NORTH, but visitors can also order a variety of exquisite food menu offerings, including bakery, salads, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, and more.

The staff at 30 NORTH is Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified, and each Roast Master has all the skills necessary to fill your cup with the amazing flavors of a Mexican Altura, a Ugandan Kilimanjaro, a Peruvian Chancamayo, or any other variety in all its glory. Perfect roasting is extremely important but not the only step in preparing the perfect luxury coffee. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts placed special emphasis on the fact that 30 NORTH provides complete quality control of the beans, taking into account variety, origin, altitude, soil type, farming, processing, and brewing. The company’s state-of-the-art roasting facility performs a vertically integrated operation for sorting, roasting, grinding, and packaging all types of coffee.

In its unwavering commitment to offering the most refined options for coffee connoisseurs in Egypt, 30 NORTH is the exclusive importer and distributor of reusable Nespresso capsules BlueCup and Victoria Arduino professional coffee machines and coffee grinders.


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