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The Art and Science behind Creating the Country’s Skyline

The modern United Arab Emirates has a very recognizable architectural landscape. Stunning skyscrapers, futuristic buildings, and fanciful structures create a unique image of this wealthy and ambitious country. The whole world knows the easily recognizable skyline of its largest cities thanks to the innovative and bold decisions of the leading engineers and architects. One of the companies that took an active part in the process of creating this skyline was GA Architects & Engineers that became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

GA Architects & Engineers was established in 1993 in Abu Dhabi. Its founder, Ghazi Awad, was educated in the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts Paris and attained his Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Paris VIII. After 4 years of practicing in Paris and 5 years in the Gulf Area, he founded an architectural consulting firm in Abu Dhabi in 1980, and 13 years later, Ghazi Awad established GA Architects & Engineers.

During its existence, this architectural firm has implemented a wide range of successful projects and has become one of the leading companies in UAE in the field of architecture and engineering. With the client’s objectives at the forefront, the company applies its rich cutting-edge experience to deliver sustainable projects that become the country’s landmarks.

The selected team of highly experienced professionals provides solutions in architecture, structure, mechanics, and electrical engineering. Thanks to the high professional qualities of the team, the firm has formed a solid portfolio, which includes projects of various types: offices, residential, hospitality, mixed-use developments, religious buildings, private residences, and industrial projects. GA Architects & Engineers exquisitely intersects engineering with creative art, which leads to creating well-recognized durable and comfortable projects.

Every project aims to release the whole potential of the building in terms of comfort, aesthetics, technical discipline, science, and art. The specialists integrate sustainability and energy conservation measures at all stages of the engineering project. During the collective design process, everything is done to ensure that each small detail increases the value of the building.

The design team uses up-to-date computer technologies to overcome all possible challenges. By applying mathematics and science, adopting international codes and standards, providing premium-quality deliverables, and cutting-edge software, GA Architects & Engineers delivers the cost-efficiency and sustainability of the design solutions. The team’s dedication and creativity allow developing the interior and exterior designs that meet the projects’ objectives.

Among the many stunning and diverse projects developed by GA Architects & Engineers, experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized Al Bandar Rotana, the 5-star Hospitality project.

Having a mirage look, it is hard not to notice the inspiration of this project and its effect on the Dubai creek skyline. Ghazi Awad and his team achieved a striking modern impression through the multi-volumetric design that was integrated within a dominant oblique ARCH structure.  When you reach closer, the message of luxury can be more sensed due to the great attention given to every single detail of this project inside-out, day & night.

It is evident how the “Void” became the design feature of space, especially the Atrium that extends ten floors above the entrance hall with an ending glass skylight that fills this space with ambient daylight. The panoramic lifts travel throughout this magnificent Void penetrating the building at its external facade for eight floors with a spectacular view over the pool deck combined with the CREEK horizon.

Another unique feature is the restaurants’ glass terraces, which suspend fully above water features and that have an impressive vertical display with the upper terraces, all of which are covered sensitively by patterned shading elements that bring back the traditional feeling of the old city into this modern space.

Last but not least, it is felt that the design perimeters leveled up the “Hospitality” spirit with an inviting impression throughout every space, overwhelmed by comfort and luxury.

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