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SCHUTT Presents Furniture Pieces That Prove Design is an Art and a Science


From a humble start in the showrooms, Kendal Schutt has created her own luxury design practice, curating perfectly individualized furniture pieces of the highest quality. As the sole designer, Los Angeles, California born Kendal utilizes many different elements when creating her striking masterpieces.

Kendal Schutt is an award-winning designer, recognized throughout the world. Although her study at university was brief Kendal continued to learn and grow, refining her craft and building the foundation for her incredible career.

Kendal believes that “furniture should be more than just furniture, it is art, it is an experience…it is extraordinary.” She has never been a fan of excess, and does not favor minimalism either, believing, instead, that somewhere in between lies perfection, and ever lasting beauty. All SCHUTT’s pieces are created with impeccable craftsmanship.

The Tulip Chair, by SCHUTT, features a handmade, finely crafted tulip backing with antique brass plating long stem legs resembling the tulip flower, with beautiful royale blue cushioning. SCHUTT has been shortlisted for the Seating – Chair Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2022.

Kendal maintains that creating and placing furniture is not simply about filling in a space, but about the ever-evolving power of art and design. SCHUTT is proudly a design house with a unique approach, providing the best quality and experience. Their core principals and philosophies are continuously put into practice, inspired by diverse cultural influence and the relationships of balance, beauty, and order.

Kendal Schutt has been known to bring together many elements, using creativity to manifest beautifully balanced pieces. Drawing on her multicultural background, knowledge, and sensibility she can give love, passion, and history to every interior, and every product keeping her designs richly layered.

Kendal has always had a love and respect for design, whether it fits her style or not. She says that “when you’re looking at a space or piece of furniture or a product…and you take into consideration all the time, effort, skill etc. that went into creating it, it really gives you a deeper understanding and appreciation. Design truly is an Art and a Science.”

While Kendal maintains that every project is different, she leans more towards a classic modern and contemporary style, and loves a clean aesthetic with a touch of color. She admittedly draws on fashion, jewelry, nature, and art as design inspiration to create timeless looks.

Kendal believes that design is constantly evolving and changing and that’s what she so loves about the industry. She says the best advice when it comes to design schemes is to not be afraid to go outside of the box. “Add a little spice but always keep your designs aligned and in harmony.”

Kendal has recently finished a line of Art Furniture, consisting of chairs. Her spring line has been her favourite project to work on, to date. She admittedly always has a notebook and pencil on hand, as she is constantly drawing and writing things out.

Kendal Schutt is a member of American Society of Interior Designers, the International Interior Design Association, The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, The Royal Oak Foundation, and Women In Luxury Design.

SCHUTT has become the worthy recipient of a Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2022, in the category of Best Luxury Designer Chairs in USA 2022. Kendal has many designs waiting to come alive, so keep a lookout for them!

To learn more about this perfectly unique company, visit https://www.schuttdesigns.com/


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