Rosedon Hotel – the Best Place to Enjoy Home-Like Comfort in Bermuda

Some places have an amazing ability to take you to where you want to be regardless of where you really are at the moment. Just like the Rosedon Hotel in Bermuda that transfers you from the center of a modern colorful city to the cozy country house in a few minutes. This small boutique hotel could be a shelter for a poet a century ago, and today its old-fashioned British charm attracts business travelers and tourists searching for peaceful and quiet leisure. Alexandr Chetchikov, CEO&Founder of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, couldn`t miss the opportunity to visit and audit the Rosedon Hotel personally. This visit resulted in a comprehensive confirmation of Rosedon`s high status of a luxury boutique hotel and formed the basis of this review.

The elegant British spirit comes from the very beginning of the hotel`s story. Everything started, when E.J. Thompson, the citizen of Great Britain, purchased the territory, built the exquisite mansion in 1906 and named it after his son, Robert Rosedon Thompson. Rosedon was planned to be the Thompsons` private home, so the mansion was drawn and built with all the thoroughness inherent to English gentlemen. The double-thick walls were furred to keep them completely dry, and the pillars for the entrance hall were specially carved in Chicago and brought to Rosedon. Each room was decorated with a particular imported wood – oak, pine, mahogany, sequoia, and cherry.

In the 1930s the Thompsons sold Rosedom to Mr. Brown, who upgraded the house by installing private bathrooms with a glassed-in shower in each of the five bedrooms. In 1950 the Kitson family became the new hotel owners; they expanded the number of bedrooms from five to thirty-nine. The modern times brought complete renovation to the main house of Rosedon. The guest lounge, dining room, and front porch were fully updated. And now this unique snow-white building harmoniously embodies the modern approach to décor with a delightful touch of old fashion.

Today the main and the eldest building is used as the reception and offices, while most of 40 bedrooms are located in the garden near the pool. The tradition of individual decoration for each bedroom is maintained to the present day. That’s why you will not find two equal bedrooms in the Rosedon Hotel. Still, all of them are bright, light, decorated with elegant furniture of dark wood and include large bathrooms, plush towels, comfortable beds, and high-quality bed-linens. The guest rooms in the garden have private space outside that overlooks the burst of vivid tropical blooms in the shade of palms. Sitting on the open balcony or terrace at night and watching the calmness of the garden and the pool might be the most relaxing experience of your trip.

Rosedon has a lot of reasons to be praised, and the hotel staff is definitely one of them. The attentive and helpful staff members on average have been working here for 20 years, which was enough to feel like one friendly family. This year the committee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized Rosedon as the winner in the category of the Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Bermuda, stating the unique timeless ambiance of this place and the highest quality services provided to the customers.

The location of Rosedon Hotel is ideal for a peaceful rest, but at the same time, it takes only 5-10 minutes to walk to the center of Hamilton city with its restaurants, nightclubs and great opportunities for shopping.

Staying at Rosedon Hotel includes the amenities that will make your vacation as peaceful and pleasant as possible. Complimentary bike rides, electric 2-person Twizzy cars, heated swimming pool, 24/7 accessible fitness center, free beach shuttle service, and traditional English afternoon tea – this is an incomplete list of the signs of Bermudian hospitality in Rosedon.


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