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Romanian Design Studio It’s Private Design Recognized as a Global Leader in Interiors and Architecture


It’s Private Design is a reputable, Romanian interior architecture and design studio that has gained recognition for its exceptional work in the industry. With a focus on delivering flawless and 100% implementable solutions, this company has made a name for itself in various sectors, including HoReCa, office spaces, retail, and premium residential projects. Led by Iolanda David, It’s Private Design has proven its expertise and professionalism, making it a preferred choice for clients who value brand image and understand the importance of interior design in their business development.

One of the standout qualities of It’s Private Design is their meticulous attention to detail, evident in their unique projects. Their approach revolves around creating contemporary eclectic designs with slight minimalist tendencies, resulting in visually stunning spaces. However, their focus is not solely on aesthetics; they emphasize the importance of achieving a consistent and technically relevant outcome by combining their artistic concepts with detailed and complete technical projects.

Transparency and open communication are integral to It’s Private Design’s work process. They strive to understand the defining characteristics and needs of each space and its utility, ensuring that the end result aligns with the client’s vision. The studio goes above and beyond to provide the best solutions, sparing no effort to deliver excellence. Before presenting the final solution, the team conducts thorough reviews to explore different options and find the most optimal choice. This dedication to perfection is a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction.

It’s Private Design offers several guarantees to its clients. First and foremost, they provide personal advice throughout the project, offering guidance and expertise whenever needed. This level of support ensures that clients feel heard and valued, resulting in a collaborative and successful design process.

One of the studio’s notable achievements is their award-winning project, It’s Private Office, located in the city of Cluj-Napoca. This luxury office interior design project was recognized with a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Office Interior Design in Romania, 2023.

The design aimed to embody the characteristics and values of the brand, including professionalism, quality, consistency, and adherence to the highest standards in the field. Despite the limited space, It’s Private Design managed to create a visually open environment, giving the impression of a larger space and fostering a dynamic atmosphere among office teams. The inclusion of small internal glass partitions not only enhanced the aesthetics but also contributed to sound insulation, ensuring a productive and comfortable work environment.

The design style chosen for It’s Private Office is contemporary with a touch of industrial aesthetics. This combination evokes a trendy feel while maintaining a timeless appeal and maximizing functional utility. One of the key elements introduced to the design was the use of special textures. The walls featured apparent concrete textures, which added an industrial edge, while metallic copper or black-painted textures brought a sense of modernity. To break the straight geometry of the rectangular volumes, organically cut solid wood tops were incorporated, adding a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the space.

In addition to their interior design services, It’s Private Design also offers interior design project management services. This comprehensive approach allows clients to have a seamless experience from conceptualization to the final execution of their projects. By overseeing every aspect of the design process, It’s Private Design ensures that their clients’ vision is brought to life with professionalism, competence, and a wealth of experience.

Learn more about the company’s comprehensive services and completed projects at https://www.itsprivatedesign.ro/


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