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Revitalize Your Body, Mind and Soul at Kailo Wellness Medispa, Australia’s Finest and First of its Kind


Established in October 2018 by visionary entrepreneurs Kristy Morris and Kath Merlo, Kailo Wellness Medispa has become the recipient of a Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2023, for an incredible 4th year. In 2023, they secured an award for Best Luxury Wellness Medical Spa in Australia. The groundbreaking establishment has rapidly emerged as Australia’s premier wellness destination. Nestled within Brisbane’s renowned Calile Hotel, Kailo Wellness Medispa offers an unparalleled range of services, catering to the diverse needs of its esteemed clientele.

Upon entering Kailo, guests are greeted with an atmosphere of refined luxury, evoking a sense of tranquility and relaxation. The medispa offers an array of guest experiences, ranging from cutting-edge skin rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments to a diverse selection of body treatments. The establishment also provides an extensive range of holistic health and wellness services, encompassing nutrition, naturopathy, energetic healing, pregnancy support, and life coaching.

With a dedicated team of over 40 highly skilled therapists, doctors, and practitioners, Kailo Wellness Medispa takes pride in its personalized approach to each guest’s experience. Every visitor undergoes a comprehensive consultation, allowing the Kailo team to gain a thorough understanding of their unique needs and aspirations. Armed with this knowledge, the highly trained professionals at Kailo craft bespoke treatments tailored to each individual, ensuring a deeply personalized and transformative journey.

Luxury, in the eyes of Kailo, transcends opulence and extravagance; it is the gift of time and space dedicated to self-care and rejuvenation. Kailo’s policy is built upon five fundamental pillars: exceeding excellence in service delivery, exceptional attention to detail, continuous education and mentoring for the team, bringing forth the latest and most innovative medical and wellness modalities, and upholding the highest level of integrity in all endeavors to foster trust within the community. This collaborative approach also extends to external partnerships, solidifying Kailo’s commitment to growth and innovation.

One notable distinction that sets Kailo apart is its exclusive partnership with Biologique Recherche, making it the sole supplier of their esteemed skin and body treatments and products in Queensland.

Remaining at the forefront of the wellness industry necessitates a profound understanding of emerging trends. Kailo achieves this by maintaining open lines of communication within its team of therapists, doctors, and practitioners, who possess deep expertise in their respective fields. Furthermore, Kailo actively engages with industry peers and experts to remain abreast of the latest techniques, trends, and innovations in beauty and well-being. This proactive approach ensures that Kailo Wellness Medispa consistently offers its clientele the most advanced and effective treatments and services available.

Over the past two years, Kailo Wellness Medispa has introduced several noteworthy innovations. One significant development is the launch of Kailo Nutrition, a range of nutritional supplements that focus on key pillars of health, including skin, gut, and sleep health. Working closely with their nutrition and naturopathy teams, Kailo has formulated these supplements using high-quality natural ingredients, providing a holistic approach to optimizing health from the inside out. Notably, Kailo Nutrition has also introduced a vegan range, catering to individuals with specific dietary preferences and requirements.

Additionally, Kailo has expanded its product offerings with the introduction of the Kailo Skin range. Collaborating with a leading Australian botanist, the medispa has harnessed the medicinal qualities of plant extracts to develop a line of botanical skincare products. These products showcase the fusion of science and nature, delivering effective and luxurious skincare solutions that align with Kailo’s commitment to holistic well-being.

The culmination of Kailo Wellness Medispa’s dedication to promoting knowledge and education within the industry is the highly acclaimed Kailo Wellness Summit. This one-day event brings together international experts from various fields to share insights and advancements in health and well-being. From brain and sleep health to cosmetic treatments, DNA for skin, and Ayurveda, the summit covers a wide range of topics, fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, enlightenment, and empowerment. Drawing an audience of 250 attendees, this event garnered international acclaim and solidified Kailo’s position as a leading authority in the wellness industry. Due to its resounding success, the second Kailo Wellness Summit is scheduled to take place in October 2024.

To learn more about the successful wellness medispa, visit https://www.kailo.com.au/


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