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Portugal Confidential: Live Beyond Boundaries and Conquer Your Dreams


Portugal Confidential, the ultimate luxury lifestyle media platform for all things related to Portugal was recently chosen as a winner of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Lifestyle Media Platform in Portugal, 2023.  

This contemporary and innovative online content publisher offers an extensive and interesting range of content, to satisfy any curiosity. From the sleek, modern design to the engaging and comprehensive selection of content, its innovative approach to media production, and its commitment to providing an enjoyable and informative experience for its readers and viewers, this platform is truly in a league of its own and it’s not hard to see why Portugal Confidential received this prestigious accolade.  

For the past decade, Portugal Confidential has sought out the best, most interesting, and most memorable visits in the country – from Porto to Lisbon, Douro Valley to Sintra, Alentejo to Algarve, and Madeira to Azores. It features everything from travel tips and recommendations to in-depth and insightful interviews with locals and ex-pats which offer invaluable insight into Portuguese culture and lifestyle. The platform also provides up-to-date information on events, news, and attractions. It even goes so far as to offer its services, to plan and design an unforgettable holiday, by providing an outstanding and exceptional tailor-made itinerary, for your next trip to Portugal. Portugal Confidential offers clients special experiences that can’t be found elsewhere! 

Portugal Confidential is the brainchild of Greg Boegner, an American ex-pat who relocated from Los Angeles to the Algarve in 2008. Boegner was captivated by the rich and diverse culture of Portugal, its history, and the outstanding quality of life. Portugal Confidential was founded in 2010, with the goal of exploring Portugal from a modern, global viewpoint.  

“I was interested in learning more about new boutique hotels, elegant restaurants, and trendy, well-liked clubs and lounges,” says Greg. His escapades and adventures soon led him to realize that there was a niche market for this content, in that no one was showcasing Portugal in this manner. Driven by a passion for Portugal and for finding gems and sharing unique information with people who wanted to have special experiences, Portugal Confidential was born.   

 By launching Portugal Confidential, Greg could travel, see, enjoy, and share the country’s treasures and charms, whether it was a centuries-old castle, a quaint little town, a genuine café, or a bustling and bustling and vibrant international restaurant. The platform features creative and artful photographs that capture the very essence of Portugal which are all presented in a visually stunning way.  

Aiming for excellence, his focus became the high-end and discerning traveler who wants to explore and experience the most fascinating and exquisite aspects of Portugal. The traveler who has high standards and expectations for both accommodations and service.    

With this in mind, Portugal Confidential collaborated with the highest quality travel and tourism organizations, hotel chains, public relations firms, and major special events organizers. Portugal Confidential’s portfolio of hotels offers unparalleled comfort, luxury, and style. Its chauffeurs and tour guides are experienced and reliable professionals. Portugal Confidential curates its tours to ensure an unforgettable experience that caters to personal preferences, while its concierge picks, will ensure mouth-watering and captivating meals, drinks, views, cafes, shopping experiences, and culture – all while keeping the guests’ standards of excellence in mind.  

The team at Portugal Confidential is passionate about providing an authentic and engaging experience, and they go above and beyond to ensure that their readers and viewers have access to the best possible information. Whether you are a first-time visitor, a local, or an ex-pat looking to get the most out of your Portuguese experience, Portugal Confidential is an invaluable resource.  

To find out more about Portugal Confidential visit their website at http://travel.portugalconfidential.com/  


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