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Parfums d’Elmar: Pure Indulgence And Lasting Impressions


There is a short list of instantly recognizable logos from around the world, and each one of these logos has evolved into a staple of mainstream culture. Whether it’s a titan of the food industry or a luxury leather bag line, there are certain sets of colors and lines that when paired, are recognized by just about anyone on the planet.

Parfums d‘Elmar is a brand name with a logo that certainly belongs on that list, as the luxury perfume designer sits at the pinnacle of an industry synonymous with wealth and glamour. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards winner for Best Luxury Niche Perfume Brand in Europe 2023 defines its unique creation as not just a perfume, but an enigmatic experience of elegance and pure luxury. A Swiss fragrance company that uses only the rarest and most expensive of ingredients for its scents, and dons a sophisticated crest as its logo. Elegance and pure luxury indeed.

The company operates out of Switzerland and carefully chooses the best and finest ingredients to deliver a classy, elegant, and unique fragrance. These perfumes are manufactured in Italy, and created by world-renowned perfumers Mark Buxton and Chris Maurice (Christian Carbonnel), with the utmost love and care.

Each of these legends brings its own level of expertise.

Each bottle of Parfums d‘Elmar contains a unique scent that has been carefully tailored by two of the industry’s finest perfumers. One is the man with the nose of a basset hound, Mr. Mark Buxton. The German-English fragrance expert has spent over 30 years developing some of the most complex and vibrant scents around the world, and his most recent line of perfumes may be his best work yet. Characterized as “mystic creations” and described as “subversive, provocative and enthused with urban jungle”, the luxury products that are produced by Mark and his team in Paris are a blend of boldness and intricacy that only an expert of his stature could conjure. Decades of practice with the very biggest luxury brands have set Mark Buxton atop the scented mantle, and his resume reads like the exhibit line at a fashion week: Comme des Garçons, Givenchy, Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels, Paco Rabanne, Lagerfeld, Burberry, Cartier, Chopard, Ferré

Chris Maurice (aka Christian Carbonnel) on the other hand is a Spanish master perfumer, who has specialized in niche, oriental perfumes. He has worked on leading brands in Europe and the Middle East, including XerjoffSospiroCasamorattiNishane, Fragrance Du Bois, Masque Milano, Zoologist, Santi Burgas, Jardins de France, Kemi.

Whether you need perfume for an event, date, or daily office wearParfums d’Elmar brings out the elements you need to feel stylish, confident, and powerful. Upon entering a room, you will make an unforgettable and lasting impression!

Each product contains a 35% concentration meaning that the fragrance will not fade. Simultaneously it is not overpowering either. Instead, the scent is perfectly balanced, so that one only needs a sprinkling, to last the entire day.

The latest references are called Leilani, Yaringa, Zaya, Elixir D’Amour, and Momona. 

Exclusive and unique, designed to make a statement wherever you go!

Luxury and perfume go hand in hand. That said, Parfums dElmar is synonymous with luxury and the lifestyle that comes with it. The logo on the gold metal plate on each bottle features the Family Métry crest, a symbol of pure luxury.

On acquiring one of these fragrances, just by holding the beautifully designed bottle, one immediately understands the subtle message of opulence, class, and elegance, intended for the discerning buyer.


In Hawaiian culture, Leilani means “Heavenly flower” clearly seen in this enchanting fragrance that strikes the perfect balance between being warm, soft, and sweet. A truly captivating fragrance that reveals its true nature when you least expect it. 

Bright, light, and breezy the ideal fragrance for daily wear as it is splashed with plenty of citric top notes consisting of bergamot, lemon, orange and green notes for crisp lasting freshness.

The heart notes of this exhilarating fragrance give it body while taking your senses on an inspiring journey of spring and summer and is made with peach, jasmine, cedar, patchouli, birch, and magnolia.

Meanwhile, the base notes, which unexpectedly reveal themselves some time later consist of a rich and comforting blend of Vanilla, Tonka, musk, and sandalwood, which beautifully complement the top and heart notes.


A playful fragrance suitable for everyday wear, consisting of fruity fresh heart notes of passion fruit, salt, cedar, and thyme cleverly combined with top notes reminiscent of a sea breeze, consisting of myrtle, seaweed, coconut, and vanilla all ingeniously combined with base notes of musk and sweet wood notes.


smooth and alluring fragrance with notes of warm rich blends of cinnamon and spiceand top notes of apple, honey, bergamot and Cognac. This fragrance evokes feelings of warmth and comfort on a cold winter’s night.

Middle notes of Cinnamon, Oak Wood Absolute, Amber, Tonka Bean Absolute, and Date perfectly harmonized with the initial top notes and lasting base notes of Vanilla, Praliné, Benzoin Siam, and Sandalwood that envelops the sense of smell to create a tantalizing and delicious bouquet of cozy, familiar and comforting aromas.


Sometimes turning heads is not enough. The Elixir DAmour leaves a lasting impression on anyone you encounterThe fragrance is sweet and warm and has a tiny hint of spice. Altogether, you could say somewhat addictive.

The base notes start with a sweet, slightly burnt caramel aroma that instantly hooks whoever smells it. Add to this a little Saffron, Musk, Amber, and a little more sweetness in the form of vanilla.

Raspberry, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Guaiac Wood, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Water Jasmine make up the unforgettable middle notes, while the top notes are more spicy, consisting of a fascinating blend of pink pepper, bergamot, saffron, and green fig leaves. A combination that is both enchanting and bewitching.


An unforgettablefull-bodied fragrance that is a spicy and exotic combination of blended spices and perfectly fused fruity florals

The initial top notes envelop the senses with the bold fusion of Ginger, Mandarin, Orange, Saffron, Black Pepper, and Cardamon, while the middle notes of  Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Tea, Lotus, Jasmine, Almond, and Passion Fruit permeate and inspire an element of seduction and temptation.

Top this with the rich and creamy base notes of Vanilla, Amber, Musk, Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood, Caramel, Tonka Beans, Benzoin and White Chocolate to create a symphony of delightful and unexpected nuances. 

It goes without saying that Parfums dElmar offers a lifestyle of luxury, opulence, and class, which is achieved through craftsmanship driven by passion. This passion is easily perceived through the excellence and attention to detail of each product.

A brand that thrives for perfection in an industry that demands no less. Expect the Parfums d‘Elmar logo, in all its Swiss sophistication, to be at the very top of the list in luxury perfume this year. 

If you want to feel classy, confident, and powerful, check out each product selection via the Parfums dElmar website: parfumsdelmar.com


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