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Parfums d’Elmar Makes You Feel Confident And Powerful

Elegance and class in a bottle is the best way to describe the essence of Parfums d’Elmar, who is a company that specializes in making the best niche perfume in Switzerland. Parfums d’Elmar perfume is pure luxury, and it shows from the bottle design to the scent itself. It is no surprise then that Parfums d’Elmar have besome the deserved recepients of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Niche Perfume Brand in Switzerland.

The company operates out of France and carefully constructs the best and finest ingredients to deliver a classy, elegant, and unique fragrance. These perfumes are made in Paris, with the utmost love and care by world-renowned perfumer  Mark Buxton, who is known for his high reputation of passion, precision and dedication in the fragrance industry over the past 25 years. His name is synonymus with many luxurious international brands like Comme des Garçons, Givenchy, Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels, Paco Rabanne, Lagerfeld, Burberry, Cartier, Chopard, Ferré, to name a few.

Whether you need perfume for an event, date or daily office-wear, Parfums d’Elmar brings out the elements you need to feel stylish, confident and powerful. Upon entering a room, you will make an unforgettable and lasting impression!

Each product contains a 35% concentration meaning that the fragrance will not fade. Simultaneously it is not overpowering either. Instead, the scent is perfectly balanced, so that one only needs a sprinkling, to last the entire day.

Three of the best niche perfumes are all made by Parfums d’Elmar; Sweet Temptation, Dark Desire, and Elixir D’amour. All of these are designed to make a statement wherever you go!

Luxury and perfume go hand in hand. That said, Parfums d’Elmar is synonymous with luxury and the lifestyle that comes with it. The logo on the gold metal plate on each bottle features the Family Metry crest, a symbol of pure luxury.

On acquiring one of the three fragrances, just by holding the beautifully designed bottle, one immediately understands the subtle message of opulence, class and elegance, intended for the discerning buyer.


Sweet Temptation is a beautifully rich fragrance that strikes the perfect balance between being warm, soft, and sweet. It is the ideal fragrance for date night, but is equally suited for daily wear at work.

With earthy base notes of Cedarwood Atlas, Oakwood, and vanilla, the perfume has a natural aroma that does not overwhelm the senses. Instead, it takes your senses on an inspiring journey.

The top notes consist of ginger, a soft touch of Saffron, and a splash of orange oil. The Saffron and ginger especially complement the earthy base very well.

The heart notes are what give this perfume its rich body and consist of the following:

  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Styrax Resinoid
  • Fire balsam


Dark desire is designed to be the best fragrance for busy women who need to smell great from when they leave the house until they get home, regardless of how busy the day is. So whether at work, the gym, or on a night out, Dark Desire will make you feel confident and alluring.

If you are looking for something a little less rich and more fruity, warm, and sweet, then Dark Desire is your go-to.

The perfume’s base is what you smell when you open the bottle, and consists of Cedar Virginie, Amber, Tonka Bean, and more.

Once you spray the perfume on, you will get hints of the beautiful top notes that leave a long-lasting impression on whoever you walk past. The top notes consist of the following:

  • Mandarin
  • Orange flower concentrate
  • Carrot oil
  • Cardamom

The soft heart notes give off a warmth that can only be described as elegant. The perfume achieves an outstanding balance with hints of Violet, cinnamon and a very soft touch of cumin.


Sometimes turning heads is not enough. The Elixir D’Amour leaves a lasting impression on anyone who walks past. The fragrance is sweet, warm, and has a tiny hint of spice. Altogether, this perfume is somewhat addictive and can make people feel drawn to you.

The base notes start with a sweet, slightly burnt caramel aroma that instantly hooks whoever smells it. The base also consists of a little Saffron, Musk, Amber, and a little more sweetness in the form of vanilla.

The perfume gets spicy top notes from pink pepper saffron and green fig leaves.

It goes without saying that Parfums d’Elmar offers a lifestyle of luxury, opulence and class, which is achieved through craftsmanship driven by passion. This passion is easily perceived through the excellence and attention to detail of each product.

If you want to feel classy, confident and powerful, check out each product selection via the Parfums d’Elmar website: http://www.elmarparfums.com

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