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The architectural landscape of modern Bahrain is a fascinating mix of tradition and innovation that has been in dynamic growth in the past few years. The changes the country has undergone recently are aimed at benefiting the people, focusing on the future and the comfort of next generations. One of the most important roles in shaping the real estate market in the Kingdom was played by Naseej BSC, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Bahrain, securing its status as one of the most influential developers in the country. 

Naseej BSC was founded in 2009 by prominent investors in the private and public sectors to pioneer and drive affordable housing solutions in the MENA region. It was the region’s first fully integrated real estate and infrastructure development company. Naseej’s operations encompass a full range of value creation services, including conceptualization, design, master planning, development, construction to completion, construction components procurement, mortgage assistance, and asset management. 

Today, Naseej is one of the most famous and successful developers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, delivering affordable housing solutions. The company is committed to providing demand-driven services, insights, and innovation. The new challenges Naseej faces allow it to lay the foundations for people and communities to thrive now, but with an unwavering eye on the benefits for future generations. The company’s pragmatic approach to business has demonstrated its effectiveness over the years, allowing it to continue to grow and remain profitable in the face of complex regional geopolitical tensions, financial crisis, economic downturn, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 


One of Naseej’s most significant projects is the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, Bahrain. It is a project of national importance that has built more than 2,800 social and affordable housing units in the strategic areas of Al Madina Al Shamaliya and Al Luwzi. 

The flagship award-winning project CanalView has brought the company international recognition. It is a mixed-use development located on the most picturesque stretches of Dilmunia Island. The residential residences are located in the heart of the island, in beautifully landscaped gardens by the wide canal promenade. CanalView residents can enjoy the benefits of a two-story mixed-use shopping complex, an exclusive private clubhouse, a spectacular community park, and distinctive water features, including the waterfall footpath and fountain system. 

In the small town of Busaiteen in the northeast of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Naseej has developed the BASATEEN project, which embodies luxury, sophisticated style, comfort, and high-quality facilities. The development includes 23 villas consisting of 3 or 4 bedrooms, totaling over 5,000 square meters, and offering modern, carefully designed spaces for residents who appreciate a luxurious living experience. 

Another impressive project of Naseej is Yasmeenat Saar, located in the residential town Saar opposite the Saar Mall. The complex includes 27 mid-high-end villas designed according to the highest technical standards and norms of today’s lifestyle. 

The ambitious Jumana project was developed through a partnership between Naseej and the Ministry of Housing to provide Bahrainis with modern and affordable housing. The project is located in Madinat Salman in the northwest of the country. It includes villas, townhouses, and apartments that are the ideal housing solution for families who dream of a quiet and peaceful place where they can create a nest for a happy life. 

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