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Monarch Real Estate Is the Royal Standard of Orange County’s Property Scene


In 2006, real estate enthusiast CaLee McManus embarked on a mission to turn her passion for property into a business. Today, several years later, McManus has not only achieved her goal but indeed built for herself an empire in the form of Monarch Real Estate 

Monarch Real Estate is a top real estate broker in the Orange County region of California specializing in luxury property. This visionary firm has sold more than 215 homes and influenced in excess of $200 million in sales. Both of these are impressive milestones and are an indication of the excellence of McManus and her team at Monarch Real Estate. 

At Monarch Real Estate, McManus is supported by a collective of well-experienced realtors and a range of other experts who ensure smooth buying and selling experiences for all clients. Together, McManus and her team deliver a top-quality level of service that emphasizes compassionate communication, timely and professional execution, and effective marketing strategies to ensure all listed properties have maximum exposure. It is no wonder then that Monarch Real Estate is associated with shorter market times and higher offers, which is great news for any prospective client. 

Everyone at Monarch Real Estate is united in the belief that buying and selling real estate can be a transformational and deeply meaningful life event for investors. With this in mind, the team is wholly committed to helping their clients step into the next phase of their lives with efficiency and ease. McManus says: “At Monarch Real Estate, we are here to serve as a trusted partner and guide throughout your real estate journey. Long after closing, we will continue to be there for clients, because what matters most is their long-term happiness and success.” 

In 2021, Monarch Real Estate was selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as Best Luxury Real Estate Broker in Orange County, California, USA. Previously, Monarch Real Estate has received recognition from Forbes, which selected Monarch Real Estate as a “market leader”. In 2020, the firm was listed as one of America’s top 100 real estate agents. 

Monarch Real Estate has developed unique familiarity with certain areas of Orange County. As such, they are best positioned to assist clients interested in the areas of Ladera Ranch, Covenant Hills, Rancho Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, Dana Point, and the popular Laguna Beach.  

For those looking to sell a property, the agency boasts a proven track record of success. In explaining their process, McManus says: “We know selling a home can be more emotional than buying one, so we make sure to leverage our experience market know-how to ease you through the process”. She outlines that their approach is to first understand the client’s motivation for selling and determine how she can help maximize the property’s market value.  

Before listing the home and putting it out on the market, the team makes sure that the property is appealing and is in the best condition to achieve a sale. This feeds in to the marketing strategy that is developed for each home to optimize unique selling points.  Monarch Real Estate has seen great success with this approach and they are confident that it returns pleasing ROIs.  

While financial success is a natural driver of performance, McManus and her team are more driven by the desire to see their clients truly satisfied with the outcome of their sale/ purchase. Being able to “seal the deal” is about more than meeting a target, at Monarch Real Estate, it’s about seeing the joy and satisfaction on a client’s face, which is precisely why they are the go-to real estate agency in Orange County.   

For more about Monarch Real Estate, visit: https://www.monarchrealestateca.com/  

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