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Maria Bravo Consulting Wins Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Brokerage in Portugal


Buying property is one of the most important and exciting processes and at Maria Bravo Consulting, the team will be happy to support and guide you during this stage. They rely on their experienced team and partners for their proven success. The consulting firm in Portugal is specialized in real estate investments, and the company is made up of a dedicated and professional team as well as ideal partners to advise and support their clients in all matters related to real estate investments. The company offers a full range of services that include legal advice, real estate marketing, sourcing, consulting, and property management. The team listens, evaluates, and develops strategic action plans that create value for their clients and generate ultimate negotiations which always guarantee high-quality service. They are a one-stop-shop dedicated to simplifying their clients’ lives.  

Founded by Maria Bravo, a real estate professional focused on working with international and local clients and business partners. Maria has had over 15 years of experience in positions related to financial, commercial, and team management areas and she has accumulated extensive experience that has allowed her to develop excellent communication skills, problem-solving solutions, attention to detail, and the delivery of exceptional customer service. Today, Maria successfully runs her consulting firm and has been able to work with a diverse portfolio of HNWI clients. Maria Bravo Consulting has been recognized by the industry experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and has been awarded for Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Brokerage in Portugal.  

Maria Bravo Consulting’s mission is to offer its clients the suitable solutions to meet their goals whether they are sellers or buyers. Their focus is to continually improve their service delivery to meet their client’s needs and exceed their expectations. They apply the highest standards of excellence, and they believe the key to success in solving problems and are focused on solutions. The team aims to develop long-term relationships of trust with their clients, and they evaluate, listen, and develop strategic action plans that add value to their clients. They trust their team and partners and have many years of experience and proven successes. 

For their owner clients, the company offers a study of the property’s market value, monitoring, professional photo shoot, regular feedback, and commitment to meeting the clients’ objectives. For their buyer clients, they offer complete turnkey service where the team carries out an assessment meeting of the client’s objective and needs, allowing them to select the ideal properties, schedule visits, validation of bureaucracy and documentation, financial support solutions, the conclusion of the deal and after-sales support. 

Maria Bravo Consulting is governed by core guiding principles and values and they believe in honesty, integrity, leadership, respect, quality, commitment to excellence, and exceeding client’s expectations. The consulting firm has an impressive list of featured properties in its portfolio, and they continue to grow and expand each year. They strive to be the best and their company values guide and govern the way they behave, work, and make decisions. 

For more details, please visit: https://www.mariabravoconsulting.com/ 

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