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Exclusive Insights: Luxury and Wellness with Lenka Sobková of Boutique Hotel Corso

Luxury and Wellness Hotel


Welcome to an exclusive interview with Lenka Sobková, the Executive Director of Boutique Hotel Corso. This esteemed hotel recently earned the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 2023. 

Situated in the heart of Karlovy Vary, Boutique Hotel Corso is the epitome of opulence, providing guests with an extraordinary fusion of luxury, wellness, and exceptional hospitality. Today, we have the privilege of delving into the secrets of Boutique Hotel Corso’s success, exploring its dedication to luxury and wellness, all from the perspective of Lenka, an industry expert. 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Congratulations on winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel. What does this recognition mean to you and the Boutique Hotel Corso team? 

Lenka Sobková: This award and recognition are important feedback for us. It shows that our work is meaningful and that we can achieve it as a team, with utmost responsibility to all our guests. 

LLA: Boutique Hotel Corso is known for its luxurious amenities and world-class service. Could you share some insights into the unique features that set your hotel apart in the competitive luxury hospitality industry? 

L.S.: Boutique Hotel Corso in Karlovy Vary boasts a unique interior, which was carefully curated from different parts of the world, ensuring maximum comfort and privacy for our guests. We emphasize a family-friendly atmosphere. We source food from regional suppliers, whom we personally select, to guarantee our guests always receive quality and delicious food and beverages. 

LLA: Karlovy Vary is renowned for its spa culture. How does Boutique Hotel Corso embrace and enhance this tradition to provide your guests with an exceptional spa and wellness experience? 

L.S.: Above all, we incorporate the incredible wealth of mineral springs into every wellness or spa treatment. Karlovy Vary is teeming with mineral springs. Our spa town invites guests to take leisurely walks through the spa forests and colonnades. Time seems to stand still in our town, allowing guests a unique opportunity for rest and relaxation. 

LLA: Your ethos emphasizes the importance of harmony, elegance, and charm. How do these principles guide the design and atmosphere within Boutique Hotel Corso? 

L.S.: Harmony, elegance, and charm are our guiding principles. We strive to ensure our clients feel comfortable and lack for nothing. We take pride in offering our guests tailor-made services, allowing them to escape from everyday concerns. 

LLA: Culinary excellence is a defining feature of luxury hotels. Could you discuss the dining experiences at Boutique Hotel Corso and any signature dishes or concepts that stand out? 

L.S.: Our primary concern is the quality of ingredients. These are mostly sourced from regional suppliers with whom we collaborate on jointly developed recipes. We also consider the seasonality of raw materials to ensure our offerings are environmentally friendly, for instance, by avoiding transporting ingredients from distant locations. 

LLA: Sustainable and eco-friendly practices are paramount in the luxury travel industry. How does Boutique Hotel Corso incorporate sustainability into its operations and services? 

L.S: We aim to offer products without packaging or in returnable containers. We educate our clients about the impact of daily laundry and its environmental implications. By reducing water and energy usage for these processes, both we and our guests contribute to lessening the environmental burden. However, we maintain rigorous standards for bed linen and towel changes. Additionally, our windows are equipped with sensors that deactivate air conditioning and heating when opened, preventing energy wastage. 

LLA: Karlovy Vary is a scenic destination. How does the hotel leverage its location to elevate the overall guest experience within and outside the hotel premises? 

L.S.: Yes, Karlovy Vary is beautiful and picturesque in all seasons. Our hotel is situated in the heart of the pedestrian zone of the historical part of Karlovy Vary, listed by UNESCO as one of the Great Spas of Europe. All the colonnades, with their healing springs, are located in the immediate vicinity of our hotel. During the spa season, from May to the end of September, there are, for instance, countless concerts. Karlovy Vary is also renowned for the important personalities who contributed to its fame, such as Beethoven, Franz Josef I, Dobrovsky, Paganini, Chopin, Mozart, Gogol, Tyl, Barrande, Purkyně, Freud, and many others. Our hotel used to be the residence of the famed Carlsbad Councillor, Eduard Knoll, who played a pivotal role in the town’s prosperity. Under his leadership, the town saw remarkable development and enhancements in spa care. A town theatre was erected, and a town park was inaugurated. In his honor, a memorial plaque has been affixed to our building. The hotel itself is an oasis of tranquility and relaxation, and we take immense pride in maintaining it. 

LLA: As Executive Director, your leadership has been instrumental in Boutique Hotel Corso’s recognition. Can you share the key strategies and principles that have steered the hotel’s excellence in the luxury hospitality sector? 

L.S.: This isn’t solely a management award; it belongs to the entire team. Everyone contributes their expertise, leading to the company’s success. I believe our guests perceive this collaborative spirit. I ensure our guests’ comfort, promptly addressing feedback and fulfilling all their desires. Our region offers a plethora of attractions, from historical monuments to world-class sporting events. For instance, we recently hosted the successful City Triathlon World Cup. 

LLA: Looking forward, what can guests expect from Boutique Hotel Corso in terms of future developments and experiences? 

L.S.: We’re introducing a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that promises rejuvenation and deep relaxation. We aspire to offer top-tier dermatological and spa treatments using cutting-edge methods and expert practitioners. Essentially, guests will leave feeling a decade younger after just a four-day stay. 

LLA: Lastly, for those aspiring to excel in the luxury hospitality industry, based on your journey with Boutique Hotel Corso, what advice can you impart? 

L.S.: I would advise them not to be discouraged. This path isn’t for everyone. It’s about ensuring every guest feels safe and welcomed at your establishment. It’s about making each guest feel valued and unique. Listen to your guests. At times, it’s important to heed negative feedback, as it can propel you forward. Every guest is unique and requires a varying degree of attention. Often, it’s the small gestures that matter most. Our dedication to service is unceasing. 

We’re grateful to Lenka Sobková for sharing her invaluable insights. Boutique Hotel Corso’s unwavering commitment to luxury and wellness truly sets a benchmark in upscale hospitality. 

Visit their website to view their offerings: https://www.corsohotel.com/ 


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