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UBD Global: Crafting Luxury and Harmony in Interior Design


In the heart of Indonesia, where creativity and innovation converge, UBD Global stands as a proven leader in the realm of interior design. This distinguished company, founded in 2010, has carved an illustrious path in the industry and was honored with the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the second time in 2023, winning the title of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Indonesia. With a remarkable tally of five awards in the last two years, UBD Global personifies loyalty, creativity, and striving for perfection.

A Journey of Vision and Expertise

Founded by the imaginative Caroline Usher and her adept business partners, Agung and Fariz, UBD Global represents a harmonious blend of diverse skill sets, each contributing a unique facet to the company’s remarkable success story. With 13.5 years of steadfast dedication, UBD Global has evolved into an innovative interior design powerhouse, specializing in crafting extraordinary design concepts driven by world-class quality and intricate interior design details.

UBD Global’s forte lies in its ability to translate the dreams and aspirations of its clients into tangible realities. Whether it’s the opulent interiors of restaurants, the ambiance of bars, or the luxurious settings of hospitality spaces, UBD Global has left an indelible mark on commercial projects across Indonesia and beyond. As the company continues to burgeon, it has expanded its horizons to manufacture Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) both for local projects and as procurement partners for international design companies, demonstrating their global reach and influence.

Customization at its Core

What makes UBD Global stand out is how the company is able to customize its services to meet the unique needs and aspirations of individual clients. The company understands that each space, each set of objectives, and each client is distinctive. While the initial “wow” factor is the visual and emotional impact of the design, UBD Global goes beyond aesthetics. They delve into the intricacies of their client’s business model, and the needs of chefs, operations teams, and service staff, ensuring that every design element aligns seamlessly with the overall concept.

UBD Global’s practice of involving clients at every step of the process ensures transparency and mutual agreement. When trade-offs are required in design, cost, time, or process, these are made in consultation with the clients, fostering trust and collaboration throughout the project’s lifecycle.

A Sustainable Vision

UBD Global is not just a design powerhouse; it is also a responsible steward of the environment. The company introduces and implements sustainable practices into their projects, embracing a commitment to local sourcing and renewables wherever practical. A prime example of this commitment is showcased in the design of The Cave restaurant, nestled within a natural, living environment. UBD Global meticulously considered factors such as lighting, temperature control, ventilation, and ensuring minimal environmental impact during visitor and staff movement.

Moreover, UBD Global’s devotion to sustainability extends to sourcing materials locally, with over 90% of materials used in their projects being locally sourced. The company actively engages local Indonesian craftsmen for the majority of their work, supporting local talent and industries while minimizing their ecological footprint.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

UBD Global’s prowess in interior design extends across a comprehensive suite of services, including Concept Design, 3D Renderings, Interior Architectural and Structural Drawings, Design Development, FF&E, Tender Documentation, Sourcing, Textile Curation, Project Meetings, and Delivery and Installation. Their holistic approach ensures that every aspect of a project is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

Mission and Values

At the heart of UBD Global’s mission is “creating the soul in any establishment or home.” Whether it’s about providing an unforgettable experience, weaving a compelling narrative, or fashioning a place where people can truly feel the space, UBD Global dares to be different while always prioritizing the needs and desires of their clients.

Their core values revolve around understanding their clients’ requirements to deliver unique designs of consistent quality. UBD Global recognizes that it is their duty to adapt to evolving business requirements, designing for their client’s ultimate success.

UBD Global continues to redefine luxury interior design in Indonesia and beyond, setting trends, and leaving an indelible mark of distinction wherever they tread. Visit https://ubdglobal.com/ to learn more.


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