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SOMA – Studio of Michel Abboud: Crafting Luxury in the Skyline


In the realm of high rise architecture, where innovation and luxury intersect, there exists a visionary named Michel Abboud, a creative genius who defies convention and pushes the boundaries of design. His brainchild, SOMA – Studio of Michel Abboud, is an architectural firm and an emblem of unbridled creativity. In 2023, SOMA secured a deserved Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury High Rise Architecture in New York, for their work on 45 Park Place – Residences.

The Mastermind: Michel Abboud

With a master’s degree in architecture from the prestigious University of Columbia, Michel Abboud set forth on a journey to redefine the very essence of architectural design. In 2004, he founded SOMA in the bustling heart of New York. His designs quickly caught the attention of the architectural world, earning him a reputation for projects that dared to challenge the status quo. Michel’s unyielding devotion to design without compromise has elevated him to the ranks of the world’s most respected architects.

Designing the Unconventional

Michel Abboud’s work showcases his defiant spirit. His designs are not bound by tradition; instead, they break free, soaring to new heights of imagination and innovation. In 2010, his groundbreaking design for Park 51 in New York thrust him into the spotlight, earning him the title of ‘the most controversial architect the US has known.’ This notoriety brought him invitations as a Speaker and Guest of Honor at prestigious universities across the United States and Europe, solidifying his place as an architectural iconoclast.

The SOMA Essence

SOMA, founded in 2004, is an internationally acclaimed architectural firm headquartered in New York. Their designs seamlessly integrate the highest quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge digital technologies, and a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. Today, SOMA’s influence extends across the globe, with a diverse portfolio spanning New York, Dubai, California, Doha, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, and beyond. Their luxury residential, hospitality, commercial, and mixed-use developments demonstrate their fusion of world-class design architects and deep local market expertise.

A Mission of Innovation

At the core of SOMA’s ethos is a constant pursuit of architectural innovation. Their multidisciplinary approach tackles design problems with precision and creativity. They thrive when given the overarching responsibility for project design, employing a systematic “problem-solving” approach that guides every stage of development. With a decade of diverse global experience, SOMA stands as one of the few global award-winning firms that excels across all project scales.

Handpicked Distinction

SOMA is highly selective in choosing its projects and clients, ensuring each endeavor embodies the highest standards of design and execution. Efficiency is paramount, with rapid ideation that never compromises the depth of their thinking or attention to detail.

45 Park Place – Residences

In 2016, SOMA embarked on a journey that would further solidify their legacy as an architectural visionary. The award-winning project, 45 Park Place – Residences, is a 50-story super luxury residential tower located in Manhattan, New York. This project stands as a reimagining of the Tribeca Loft concept, with soaring ceiling heights and a meticulously chiseled skyline.

Sustainable Quality

SOMA is devoted to sustainability in design. In an era where glass skyscrapers dominate city skylines, SOMA ensures optimal energy efficiency through proper insulation and intelligent control systems. Their project showcases sustainable practices that include:

Daylighting: Extensive glass facades maximize natural daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting and leading to significant energy savings.

Efficient HVAC Systems: Implementing energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems reduces energy consumption for temperature control.

Smart Controls: Integration of smart technologies for lighting, HVAC, and other building systems allows for optimized energy management based on occupancy and daylight availability.

Vertical Gardens: Incorporating vertical gardens provides improved insulation, reducing heat gain and loss while also managing stormwater, thus alleviating strain on urban drainage systems.

Collaborative Brilliance

In the creation of 45 Park Place – Residences, SOMA has worked in collaboration with Architect of Record: ILA, and Piero Lissoni of Lissoni and Partners, who was responsible for the project’s interior design. This collaborative synergy exemplifies SOMA’s need to deliver holistic architectural masterpieces.

SOMA – Studio of Michel Abboud’s journey in luxury architecture has set new standards, and will certainly leave an indelible mark on the skyline and in the hearts of those who appreciate the extraordinary. Visit https://www.soma.us/ to learn more.


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