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Living Luxe: Toronto’s Society of Luxury

Living Luxe


Living Luxe is a luxury publication twice recognized by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. In 2024, the media giant took home the title of Best Luxury Media in Canada. Living Luxe goes beyond showcasing luxury; it captures the essence of a lavish lifestyle for its distinguished audience. Launched in 2019 by Jennifer Lipkowitz, Living Luxe has become a trusted source for those seeking to cultivate a life steeped in refinement, sophistication, and a touch of the extraordinary.

A Journey into Luxury

Living Luxe takes you on a captivating journey through the world of upscale decor, fashion, and lifestyle trends, specifically tailored to the Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area) market. Their team of passionate editors, journalists, designers, and digital experts thoughtfully put together content that resonates deeply with readers.

Living Luxe Luxury Media

A Personalized Experience

Living Luxe understands that luxury is personal. It’s not just about acquiring expensive things; it’s about cultivating a lifestyle that reflects your aspirations and values. The magazine achieves this by featuring relatable stories of prominent local figures who embody the essence of luxury living. Whether these stories inspire readers to achieve their own luxurious goals or simply offer a glimpse into a world they aspire to, Living Luxe fosters a sense of connection and personalization.

Innovation at the Forefront

In the past two years, Living Luxe has embraced innovation by offering end-to-end media services. This comprehensive approach empowers them to create immersive experiences for clients, going beyond print to encompass digital marketing and strategic brand development.

Living Luxe Luxury Media

Defining Luxury Through Connection

For the Living Luxe team, luxury is a feeling. They strive to create content that empowers readers to define what luxury means for them, showcasing the products, services, and experiences that bring their aspirations to life. This focus on the emotional aspects of luxury makes them stand out, and fosters a genuine connection with their audience.

Pillars of Luxury: The Living Luxe Ethos

Living Luxe operates on five key principles:

The Feeling of Luxury: Capturing the personal essence of luxury for each reader, regardless of definition.

Design: Showcasing the latest and greatest trends in upscale design and aesthetics.

Style: Celebrating the timeless elegance of classic styles while embracing fresh, contemporary innovations.

Connecting with the Community: Introducing readers to a diverse range of businesses, influential figures, and inspiring experiences within the Toronto luxury scene.

Evolving Through Connection: Building meaningful relationships with readers, partners, and tastemakers to continually redefine what luxury means in today’s world.

Living Luxe Luxury Media

If you seek a magazine that unlocks a world of refined living, look no further than Living Luxe. It’s an invitation to cultivate a life steeped in sophistication, connection, and the pursuit of your personal definition of luxury. Visit  https://livingluxe.ca/ for more.

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