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Jordan’s Farah Architects Is the Name to Trust for Architecture Excellence

If you’re a client in Jordan looking for an architecture firm that you can trust, rely on and expect excellent service delivery, then Farah Architects is the team to call upon. Founded by the impressive Farah Haddad in 2015, Farah Architects is one of the leading architecture studios in Jordan, well esteemed for its innovative approach to design that has consistently yielded stunning designs that boast uniqueness.  

It is for this reason that Luxury Lifestyle Awards saw fit to crown Farah Architects Winner in the category Best Luxury Commercial Renovation Architecture for Specialized Leasing Company in Jordan in recognition of Farah Architects’ distinguished expertise in architecture and engineering services – an impressive achievement reserved for only a select and very deserving few.  

Farah Architects has an impeccable reputation in Jordan, where it is currently headquartered in the capital city, Amman. The studio’s portfolio of work includes commercial, cultural, hospitality, medical and residential constructions, which speaks to the form’s diverse skill set and agile capability. Examples of recent work include the Queen Rania Teacher Academy and headquarters for leading businesses such as DHL, the Association of Banks, and Jordan Kuwait Bank. Farah Architects is also the name behind the Bank of Jordan headquarters, which it constructed to be a contemporary, innovative building that elevates the standard of architecture in Jordan. 

At Farah Architects, there is a clear focus to deliver work that has a positive impact on society, that inspires exploration, that evokes pride and that elicits joy. Speaking to this point, Haddad – who is also the firm’s principal architect – says, “Regardless of the project size, our approach will turn complex and challenging briefs into beautiful solutions that reflect a sophisticated simplicity”. 

For the team at Farah Architects, the process of creating brilliant works usually begins with surveying the land dimensions and its topography, which includes tasks such as property design illustrated 3D modeling, exterior design, and landscaping, interior design, providing the construction floor plans and ensuring alignment to the exact specifications stipulated by the client. Once this core work has been set in motion, the team takes care to supervise the site through the entire process. “I always say to clients that our core role is to imagine and guide the process that brings the unique and often unexpected designs to life,” says Haddad. 

Haddad has several years of experience in architecture design, which adds immense credibility to her firm, which prides itself on its architecture, interior, and landscape design capabilities. After completing her bachelor’s degree studies at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Haddad commenced her professional life at Dar AlOmran architects. She later went on to join Al Nasser Architects where she excelled as Project Architect before establishing Farah Architects and building it into the successful enterprise it is today.  

“I’m very proud of how far Farah Architects has come in a relatively short space of time. We’re still very energetic and full of passion, and I believe this is what will continue to set us apart and help us boost our international footprint too,” says Haddad.  

 For more about Farah Architects, visit https://faraharchitects.com  


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