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A Sustainable Haven in Italy: Rocche di Montexelo’s Green Story


Rocche di Montexelo – Green Key Apartments & Spa is an eco-conscious experience that leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Located in enchanting Italy, Rocche di Montexelo exemplifies the essence of sustainable tourism. In 2023, the retreat was selected as a winner of an International Sustainable Awards – a recognition that is well-deserved.

A Legacy of Quality and Merit

Rocche di Montexelo has demonstrated a loyal devotion to sustainability, exemplified by its acquisition of the internationally recognized Green Key certification in 2019. The dedication to sustainability here goes beyond mere rhetoric; it’s a way of life.

Embracing Nature’s Gifts

When guests choose Rocche di Montexelo, they embrace a place where luxury seamlessly coexists with environmental consciousness. The property employs innovative green initiatives, such as heating its apartments and pools using locally sourced eco-fuels derived from hazelnut shells cultivated in their hazelnut groves. Solar-thermal heat-exchange panels are utilized to provide hot water, ensuring a truly rejuvenating experience.

Conscious Water Management

At Rocche di Montexelo, water is a precious resource that is used judiciously. Rainwater is harnessed for tasks such as irrigating green spaces, flushing toilets, and filling the outdoor pool. The philosophy is clear: every drop counts.

A Journey Towards Green Excellence

Since its establishment in 2016, Rocche di Montexelo has been at the forefront of introducing innovative green services for its guests. The journey was not without its challenges, as the concept of sustainability was not as widely embraced in those early days. Today, as global environmental challenges become increasingly apparent, the significance of responsible choices is undeniable.

Innovative Amenities for a Sustainable Future

The property goes beyond conventional hospitality offerings, providing smart air conditioning in rooms that conserves energy when doors and windows are open. Electric vehicle and bicycle charging stations are available in the tiled garage, facilitating sustainable exploration of the picturesque region.

Leading the Way to a Greener Tomorrow

Quantifying the precise impact metrics is complex due to the property’s size and variables like the duration of stays and the number of guests. Nevertheless, the steadfast commitment to sustainability is affirmed by the Green Key certification, underscoring the property’s dedication.

An Innovative Pioneer

Rocche di Montexelo set a high benchmark by introducing its green initiatives in 2016, long before environmental consciousness became a global phenomenon. The commitment to the planet remains unrivaled in the industry.

Recognized for Distinction

The dedication to sustainability has earned Rocche di Montexelo the prestigious Green Key certification (Certificate n.IT0097 – GK09011), positioning it among the global elite in responsible tourism. This recognition is worn with pride.

Inspiring Sustainability

Rocche di Montexelo is a symbol of what a small family can accomplish in the name of sustainability. The property believes in setting an example, not just within its guest house, but also within its own residences.

When guests choose Rocche di Montexelo, they choose more than just a holiday; they choose a sustainable future. Join this remarkable journey towards a greener tomorrow.

Visit https://www.rocchedimontexelo.it/ to learn more about the pioneering entity today.


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