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Infinity Rib Cruises – Discover Luxurious Private Cruises in Lefkada, Greece


Imagine creating summer memories inspired by the magic of the sea and flavors of Lefkada. At Infinity Rib Cruises your summer can consist of precisely that. This cruise rental company set in Lefkada, Greece offers the most spectacular sailing tours aboard their rib sea vessels. The vessels are named after the mythical Nereids, nymphs of the sea, and they represent the ideal combination of safety and luxurious comfort. This is why Infinity Rib Cruises has won the sought-after title of Best Luxury Private Cruises in Lefkada, Greece in the 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Owners Chara and Yiannis are the hosts and fellow travelers on this delightful cruise. The two siblings have always loved summers on their family boat and decided to continuously enjoy their summers by travelling with their guests on their very own curated private cruises. At Infinity Rib Cruises, guests will discover adventures whilst travelling in crystal clear turquoise waters with surrounding sandy beaches. Each cruise is exclusively personalized for their clients, and they ensure the experience will be one of the most enjoyable ever had.

The dynamic duo offers first-class services to their guests designed around their own desires such as exploring hidden bays or romantic dates by the sea. Infinity Rib Cruises’ main company values are that they will take care of all your desires, from beginning to end, so that you can be rest-assured you will have the holiday of a lifetime! They will make sure that every experience, is a magical one. The team maps out the perfect package for ever client by creating exclusive tours that include quiet, private bays and magnificent views, combined with knowledge of the islands most hidden gems and professionalism. The Infinity Rib Cruises family is delighted to share the secrets of Lefkada with their clients so that each client is more than satisfied with their holiday.

Some of their services include rental of an inflatable boat for a unique experience around the island. Guests can enjoy their stay in a luxury villa with one of the inflatable boats and take full advantage of the oceanic wonder. Cruise around majestic white cliffs and discover private beaches with enthralling crystal-clear turquoise waters. The team can arrange a stay in a luxury yacht which can be combined with a spacious inflatable boat, allowing guests to discover the secrets of the ocean only accessible via sea. Flexibility in maritime transport offers some extra relaxation time, convenience, and ultimate privacy. Guests can easily access the places of interest on the yacht and the experienced staff can provide any extra requested service. The highly trained skippers undertake all security measures and ensure that safety is always of the utmost importance.

On the private cruise, guests can request services such as a romantic date by the sea, VIP transfers, birthday party cruises, island hopping, anniversary cruises, wedding party cruises, romantic sunset cruises and full-moon cruises. There are packages that suit even the most discerning guests! The amenities available on the private cruises are of utmost luxury and the dedicated team go over and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Guests can expect traditional snacks on board, home-grown from the owner’s garden as well as fresh fruit and water. Premium and exclusive wine and beers are on offer as well as sea toys and quality snorkeling equipment. There are fresh towels, free Wi-Fi, JL audio and a subwoofer as well as a Bluetooth connection to ensure guests have the best time enjoying their own playlist on board! Guests can also enjoy a GoPro camera to record all their memories with, as well as a free waterproof phone case and waterproof jacket.

If you want to discover one of the most breathtaking Greek islands and enjoy idyllic and relaxing times on the famous crystal-clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, then Lefkada is the place for you. Enjoy the sea, sun, and adventures as you find beauty around one of the most private and famous beaches of the island. Lefkada and its beauty are ready for you to discover hidden gems, magical moments and happiness with friends and loved ones.

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