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Hendrich Real Estates Offers Modern and Historical Homes in Europe’s Most Desired Locations

Hendrich Real Estate headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is a successful, globaly acting real estate agency founded in 2011 by Evelyn Hendrich. With a strong, well-equipped team, Hendrich Real Estate provide clients with a selection of high-end properties, modern and historical, including villas, castles, penthouses and investment properties. This premier company has once again, for the third, consecutive year, won a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Real Estate Broker for Evelyn Hendrich in Austria, 2022. 

Hendrich Real Estate have curated a respected reputation in Austria, and throughout Europe, walking hand-in-hand with their esteemed clients throughout the entire sale process – whether they are buying or selling. Offering a selection of properties in top locations in Austria and various parts of Europe, they share in their clients’ passion, and “let their vision become reality”.  

Evelyn leads the highly competent team as Managing Partner, and real estate trustee, along with Siegbert Sappert, Managing Director, and Academic Expert on Historic Real Estate. The agency caters to an international clientele and remarkably speak German, English, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish.  

Evelyn always had a clear goal in life, and set this goal in motion by receiving a solid educational background at the Vienna University of Technology, achieving her Master of Science for Real Estate (real estate management and valuation. She then established Hendrich Real Estate, which has now, after 11 years, become an elite powerhouse of luxury real estate. With years of successful marketing and research into upscale properties, Evelyn can now promise only the finest services. Acknowledging that the company is renowned and recommended for their quality service and high standards, Evelyn revolves the entire sales process around her clients. 

The Hendrich team members are handpicked, excellently trained, and use their skills and experience in an ideal combination for the company’s clients. For special topics, they trust in their network of experts. In this way, Hendrich Real Estate can optimally support clients in all matters relating to the purchase or sale of an upscale property. 

Working like a bespoke tailor, “we record your wishes, analyze the key data, develop a goal-oriented concept and implement it for you with commitment” says Evelyn Hendrich. Whatever their clients’ requirements are, they pride themselves in offering fully personalized services.  

Hendrich Real Estate has undertaken years of research, and today has the know-how and experience to work with a variety of luxury properties. A villa, Latin for “country house”, “estate”, originally referred to a Roman country house and manor house of the landowner. Today, it is a luxury property that is characterized by an impressive, noble appearance. It offers an exceptional amount of space and exudes generosity and comfort in every respect. 

Most people think of fairy tales when hearing the word ‘castle’, and today, there are around 1700 intact castles and palaces in Austria, oozing grandeur and the essence of former nobility. Hendrich Real Estate are the go-to experts when wanting to sell or buy a property of this nature. 

Offering pristine penthouses above the rooftops of Vienna, Hendrich Real Estate has a vast portfolio, showcasing what Vienna has to offer in the city center and in exclusive green areas. 

The company also seeks out ideal vacation homes for their clients. “Would you like a beautiful home by the lake, in the mountains or by the sea? Lakeside properties in Carinthia or in the Salzkammergut, Austria are popular, as well as chalets, forest and hunting lodges in the Alps. If you are more interested in a dreamy villa by the sea, then these are located primarily in sunny areas in coveted stretches of coast in Italy, France and Spain.” Says Evelyn. Evelyn maintains that ever since the 2019 COVID pandemic,demand for properties in the countryside has emerged as a trend. 

Hendrich Real Estate furthermore offer advice, strategies and services for the profitable sale and purchase of investment properties. They maintain that real estate plays a central role in medium to long-term private and institutional capital investments, and refer to it as ‘concrete gold’. 

The thriving company has a detailed website which can be visited at https://www.hendrichrealestate.com/ 

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