From Concept to Fruition, Elliot James Interiors Drives the Momentum for Luxury Interior Design and Architecture in Singapore

From its founding in 2012, Elliot James Interiors has established itself as a key interior and architectural studio specialising in luxury home, hospitality and commercial design.

Recognising its incredible contribution to the luxury design sector, The Luxury Lifestyle Awards panel awarded Elliot James Interiors the title of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Singapore 2020. Their winning formulae was a combination of insightful design, intelligent planning and a dedication to creating and developing client concepts.

Founded by established designer Elliot James Barratt and business and finance expert Tom Ryan, both bring an impressive knowledge of the luxury sector along with the practicalities of running a successful studio. Starting their careers from the design sector in London, they had already established themselves within the design community, with a multitude of projects and awards. Elliot is a member of the prestigious Society of British Interior Designs (SBID) that recognizes professionals at the highest level of competency. Taking and transferring this knowledge, along with a passion for the industry saw the Elliot James Interiors team well placed for success in Singapore.

Joining Elliot and Tom, Christina Voss (Architect and Interior Designer), and Laura Sévin (Interior Architect/Designer), provide a multi-faceted, forward-thinking approach supported by assistant Shereen Banu Binte S.O. Shahul Hameed. Working together provides clients with the reassurance of full support from start to finish, along with an impressive collective of designers over the interior and architectural disciplines.

Elliot James Interiors provides a range of services for discerning clients, from initial consultations and discussions through to full procurement, drawing and project management. Providing a full service means clients can be assured of dealing with the same dedicated team throughout their projects. This tailor-made approach is particularly well suited for the luxury sector, where clients can feel accommodated regardless of the size of their project.

It is the initial discussions and a real understanding and interpretation of every individual client that has been a key to the Elliot James Interiors success. Grasping an understanding of likes, dislikes, ‘wish lists’ and personal style allows the team to create a comprehensive design that reflects the client. This can be seen in the traditional, pattern influenced interior design of The Grange where maturity and exploration of patterns was an essential requirement set by the client, through to the fresh modern looks of Ardmore which required a contemporary design with simple tones and clean lines. Both residential projects not only showcase the skilled eye of the Elliot James Interiors team but are true to the owners that will inhabit them.

This ability to transfer design styles across multi-generations was evident in the recent projects Cuscaden One and Cuscaden Two. Two apartments located one above the other and owned by father and son were given two very different briefs, only matched by the common desire for high quality, luxury homes. The traditional influences of Cuscaden Two required intelligent sourcing by the team resulting in an exemplary, opulent home with elements of contemporary luxury style, along with smart area zoning to allow the end-user to utilise their space fully. The use of polished walls, contrasting metals, mirrors and lighting draw together to encapsulate an authentic feel of high-end living. Cuscaden One required that same eye for the unique, but with an edgy twist and focused on group entertaining. Again, clever living zone design addressed the practical use of space while continuity of design added cohesion in this large open plan apartment. Carefully choreographed soft furnishings add a comforting, textural element while the addition of artworks adds whimsical punctuation.


Recognising their level of expertise at the luxury end of interior and architectural design saw them well placed to take on the challenges of café, hotel and restaurant design. Understanding the importance of contract design, its exacting standards and a focus on the end-user experience, the Elliot James Interiors team can take on small one site projects through to extensive resort designs or renovations.

Drawing on a multicultural, global approach to design has resulted in a forward-thinking, adaptable agency with the ability to not only create beautiful design briefs but to implement them to such a high standard.

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