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For Your Dream Investment Home in the Stunning Seychelles, Trust Premium Realty


The Seychelles, an island republic off the east coast of Africa in the western Indian Ocean, is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. The tropical island destination boasts many marvels, including inviting waters of variant shades of blue – from light to turquoise, exotic scenery – made all the more beautiful by the lush vegetation, and a rich and vibrant history unlike any other location. In other words, it’s a top holiday destination. It’s also a high-value location for an investment home, if done right. Enter the services of Premium Realty. 

Premium Realty is a licensed real estate agency that was founded by Jean-Paul Maurel and specializes in luxury real estate in Seychelles. With over a decade of experience, Premium Realty has evolved into a regional company with a cross-continental footprint, including in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans – specifically in Tanzania, Mauritius, UAE, Maldives, the Pacific and Italy. 

Premium Realty has exclusive listings in the top neighbourhoods of Seychelles, such as Mahe, La Digue, Praslin and Cerf Islands. They also have listings on private islands, particularly catering to ultra high net worth individuals who are concerned with privacy, security and exclusivity. “When I set about establishing Premium Realty, I was focused on creating what would become the agency of choice in the Seychelles based on a record and reputation of excellence, integrity and relatability. I am proud that we have achieved that in large part as a result of our deep understanding of client needs and our commitment to delivering on their requests,” says Maurel. 

Current top listings include a newly built beachfront villa for EUR 2,250,000, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the villa enjoys a tropical getaway ambiance, making it the ideal home for relaxation and disconnection from modern day stressors.  

A significant portion of Premium Realty business is from international clients interested in an investment property in an idyllic setting, which speaks to the agency’s global appeal and ability to handle a diverse range of clients – further cementing Premium Realty’s credentials. The brokerage manages the sale of real estate and assets, be it land, residences, commercial or touristic businesses, including yachts and vehicles. They also conduct property valuations, be it land or a residence and including hotels and private islands.  

According to Maurel, “We’ve really been able to shore up experience in dealing with international clients in recent years and are very proud of our expertise in managing the demands and complex portfolio requirements that come with such a clientele. Our services are strengthened by the team’s diverse specialist skillset, which includes notaries, accountants, financial advisors and lawyers. We are committed to adding value to the lives of our esteemed clients. By combining our experience and expertise in handing people and understanding the local context, we are able to deliver the best service to those we rely on us”.

In 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards awarded Premium Realty the title Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Seychelles to in appreciation of the broker’s superior expertise and outstanding client service in the luxury real estate market of Seychelles.   

For more about Premium Realty, visit https://www.seychelles-properties.com  


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