Exploring Greece by the Sea with HDM Sailing

A rare man is indifferent to the ocean. It amazes with its majesty, energy, limitless traveling and discovery options. Sometimes the love for the ocean goes beyond worshipping its vastness and turns into a desire to share that feeling with others, show its beauty, inspire to explore, and provide opportunities to discover new ways to enjoy life. Encouraging the beginners in sailing and helping the experienced yachtsmen and sailors reach new heights is what the bareboat chartering company HDM Sailing sees its mission in. This year, the company has gained a new achievement – it became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Yacht Charters in Greece.

HDM Sailing was founded as a family business in 1994. Originally, there were people who had a passion for the ocean, who were inspired to travel by sea and wanted to help others to sail away for their dreams. Today, members of the company still take part in sailing regattas, rallies, and championship racings. They aimed to impart their extensive expertise and experience for sailing to all those wishing to involve in boating, yachting, and seafaring.

During the first years after the company was established, the customers have shown great confidence in the quality of its vessels and the services provided. This contributed to the fact that the HDM Sailing team was motivated to invest more funds and purchase more luxury vessels, thus significantly expanding the list of offers for demanding clientele.

To this day, the chartering company possesses a wide range of fully-equipped yachts from 31 to 65 feet, with a capacity from 2 to 12 persons and 2-6 doubled cabins. These luxurious ultra-comfortable vessels can be found in the four of HDM Sailing bases: in the Lavrio port, Skiathos port, Lefkas marina, and Kos marina. Each of these locations is a great starting or transit point for wonderful voyages across the marvelous coast of Greece.

Every client HDM Sailing gets highly qualified service from the experienced and attentive staff. The company’s friendly specialists welcome the guests and provide them with all the necessary support, advice, and help according to their requests. Thus, customers who are looking forward to their first-ever voyage by sea to the Greek Islands can get valuable recommendation on the best route to choose, the loveliest coves to see, the protected ports to visit, and the dangerous places to avoid.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts made sure that the sea voyages with HDM Sailing allow you to fully relax and get a real pleasure from the cruise, getting to know new places, and quality service, whether he or she is a beginner or an experienced sailor. Adventures and unforgettable impressions await you under the gentle sun and cloudless sky, in the expanses of the turquoise sea. You will have the opportunity to reach the traditional fishing villages and taste the delicious Greek cuisine, see the picturesque Greek islands from unusual angles, and enjoy the luxury experience of sea voyages.

HDM Sailing has its own Sailing School, where adult men and women have the opportunity to attend theoretical and practical classes, after which they can participate in sailing racing competitions or gain more experience in boat and sail handling.

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