Define Luxury Living With LUXUM, Winners of Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Estonia

While the global pandemic has influenced many market segments since 2020, Estonia’s real-estate market remained sought after during the crisis. Estonia is a country in Northern Europe which borders the Gulf of Finland and Baltic Sea. Its diverse terrain consists of beautifully overgrown forests, lakes, bogs and sandy beaches. Its capital Tallinn is known for its heritage and preserved Old Town, museums, and the 314-meter-high Tallinn TV Tower. Surrounded by such beauty and history, it is no wonder the real estate market is booming, and many travelers are seeking a little piece of paradise in this area.

LUXUM is well-known for their dedicated service, exclusivity, and unique real estate on offer in Estonia. They are dedicated to the sale of the most exclusive real estate in the region and have a taste for the finer things in life. The LUXUM emblem is symbolic of dreams, timeless values, everything genuine and the absolute beauty of life itself. With such core values and strengths, the professional team is always there for their clients and potential clients searching for their dream home.

The real estate agents at LUXUM specializing in the luxury real estate market, have thirty years of experience and an extensive network of fresh market intelligence and contacts which enable them to search for suitable buyers for their clients’ properties, or find the kind of home their clients have aways dreamt of. The team ensures that they will present all their property sales visibly and on a global scale, so that it is not missed by any potential buyers. If you are looking for your dream home, they consider your individual wishes on a personalized scale and make sure that the process is as easy, secure, and convenient as possible.

Recently, the team was awarded by Luxury Lifestyle Awards the title of Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Estonia for 2021. With this impressive title, they are ready to take on a brand-new year filled with new goals and properties. Clients can expect an exclusive, unique and ethereal property portfolio with property listings such as the €1.2 million Villa in the heart of the forest in Laanelinnu.

The impressive property is encapsulated by tall forest trees and magical surroundings of nature and the sea in the background. The architecture and interior design of the property whispers work of fine art as soft neutral tones of wood and grey hues are displayed on both the exterior and interior. The house is elegantly designed to be a modern take of ‘a cabin in the woods’ with features such as white marble, high ceilings and dark metals. The amenities are of first-class quality and the furnishings are something out of a design magazine. This is just one of the many exclusive properties on offer which showcase the type of standard LUXUM adheres to.

The dynamic team have a beautiful and private boutique office in the heart of Tallinn, where you can visit them and have a look at their exclusive portfolio. The professional agents are always there to welcome you, are well informed of their objectives and always consider individual wishes. Collaborating with LUXUM provides the guarantee needed that your property portfolio will be well looked after and is in the hands of an innovative and unique real estate brokerage, known for their first-class quality portfolio and service.

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