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Creating Luxurious Spaces to Live a Happy Life with Moretti Interior Design

Consciously or unconsciously, people tend to strive for harmony both in the inner world and in what surrounds them every day. Ideally, harmony arises between a person’s inner state and the space around them, enhancing their quality of life and making them happier. For many of us, such a space is home, so the role of interior design in creating the desired atmosphere in a home should never be underestimated. Moretti Interior Design, the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category The Best Luxury Residential Interior Design in the United Kingdom, combines art, psychology, and science to deliver a space that fully reflects their personality and works with their five senses.

Moretti Interior Design is a luxury interior and lighting design studio based in London. The boutique studio was founded in 2007 and is currently run by Cinzia Moretti and her husband Michele Ingrassi. Cinzia’s talent as a designer showed itself in college when she demonstrated her abilities at the world design fair The Ideal Home Show. Over time, she received her BA Hons in Design and Innovation and a Diploma in Interior Design. She spent the next ten-plus years of her life designing high-end interiors in the UK and abroad.

Cinzia also had professional experience as a dancer, but her passion for design was decisive and shaped her future for many years to come. Today she is the Creative Director of Moretti Interior Design, an assessor and mentor at The British Institute of Interior Design, and a tutor of the international British Academy of Interior Design.

Michele Ingrassi, Director & Lighting Designer of the Studio, holds the LET Lighting educational Trust Diploma and BSc in Engineering and a Master in Technology and Communication. After 10 years of living in Milan, his enthusiasm for using technology in homes was reinforced by his passion for furniture and product design. At Moretti Interior Design, Michele applies his talents and knowledge, making custom furniture and using lighting to create stunning interior design effects.

When working on each project, the team of Moretti Interior Design draws on the client’s personality to create a unique interior that is in tune with their character and the other people who live in the house. To achieve a result that makes each resident happy, Cinzia sets the clients at the heart of the project, examines their character, values, needs, and lifestyle, creatively reflecting them in the interior. A luxurious space created in this way works effectively with the clients’ five senses, positively influencing their personal lives and improving their wellbeing. This holistic approach, praised by the experts of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, considers all aspects of human life and is applied to both residential and commercial projects.

Interior designs by Moretti Interior Design are created at the intersection of art, color psychology, sound, science, lighting, and biophilia. Biophilia involves incorporating elements of nature (natural forms, plants, water features, and natural lighting) into interiors to increase the connection with the natural environment. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, the biophilic interior design promotes physical and psychological benefits such as improved health, productivity, intellectual and emotional well-being. Cinzia Moretti calls this process Bio-Design and applies it to the creation of exquisite interior designs and spaces that make her clients’ lives more comfortable, healthier, and happier.

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