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Global Connections, Local Expertise: Blue Zone Realty International’s Unrivaled Real Estate Services

Best Real Estate Broker


In the realm of luxury real estate in Costa Rice, Blue Zone Realty International stands out from its competitors. Established over a decade ago, this illustrious firm has emerged as a beacon of personalized service, achieving monumental success and recognition in the industry. In 2023, Blue Zone Realty International received a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Costa Rica, proving their stronghold in the industry. 

Luxury Real Estate Broker

Over A Decade of Distinction

For ten years, Blue Zone Realty International has been a cornerstone of the Costa Rican real estate landscape. Spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Timothy Fenton, President & Broker, the firm has set a great standard in the industry.  Timothy’s expertise and dedication have guided the company to remarkable heights, earning the trust and admiration of clients and peers alike. 

Crafting Tailored Dreams

At the heart of Blue Zone Realty International’s success is the remarkable ability to craft personalized dreams for each client. Recognizing that every client possesses a unique vision and set of requirements, the firm dedicates itself to understanding these aspirations and weaving them into reality. Through comprehensive consultations, the team delves deep into clients’ desires, ensuring that their every need is acknowledged and honored. 

Blue Zone Realty International

Navigating Global Horizons

What sets Blue Zone Realty International apart is not only its mastery of local markets but its seamless navigation of global horizons. A staggering 90% of their clients hail from foreign shores, and the firm’s prowess in this arena is a testament to their adaptability and astute insight. As a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Blue Zone Realty International possesses an invaluable network of esteemed real estate professionals across the globe. This affiliation allows them to guide clients in both domestic and international pursuits, offering a bridge between continents and ensuring a smooth transition wherever their clients’ desires may lead. 

Further enhancing their reach, the exclusive partnership with Haute Residence solidifies Blue Zone Realty International’s position as a trusted purveyor of luxury real estate. This collaboration opens doors to a realm of elite luxury, catering to the discerning tastes of high-net-worth individuals seeking the epitome of opulence in Costa Rica. 

Best Real Estate Broker

A Symphony of Services

Blue Zone Realty International’s repertoire of services is highly admirable. Buyers and sellers alike are met with an array of meticulously curated offerings that redefine the real estate experience. For buyers, the journey begins with comprehensive consultations, guiding them toward properties that reflect their aspirations. A seamless negotiation process, coupled with incomparable due diligence, ensures that each investment is poised for success. 

Sellers are equally embraced with a suite of services designed to maximize the value of their assets. Accurate property valuation, strategic marketing campaigns, and expert negotiation culminate in a seamless and rewarding sales experience. Throughout every step of the journey, the Blue Zone Realty International team serves as stalwart advocates, steadfastly dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome. 

Best Real Estate Broker

A Vision Beyond Real Estate

Blue Zone Realty International’s influence extends beyond the confines of property transactions. With an intricate understanding of the local landscape, they provide insights into lifestyle, amenities, and regulations that enrich clients’ lives. This commitment to holistic guidance ensures that each client not only secures a valuable investment, but a home that resonates with their soul. 

Visit https://www.bluezonerealty.com/ to make Blue Zone Realty International your real estate partner today. 


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