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Becoming One with The Ocean with Rota dos Cetáceos


The Rota dos Cetáceos experience is a luxury private charter and whale and dolphin watching experience that lives long in the memory of those who have been aboard its boats. Unique oceanic adventures that have been tailored to celebrate the majesty of the sea and its wonderfully complex inhabitants, this once-in-a-lifetime experience provides customers with a joyful and educational day out on the water and has recently been recognized with a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Experience in Madeira Island, Portugal.

The team of marine biologists at Rota dos Cetáceos have dedicated their lives to the conservation of the stunning Madeiran biodiversity, and through a deep passion for this pristine coastline and the incredibly high tourist demand in the area, they have created a luxury travel and exploration experience second to none, with three unique itineraries which have been carefully curated to provide a wide array of breathtaking activities.

Rota dos Cetáceos offers an exclusive luxury boating experience with the option to rent their beautiful Princess 58 yacht, which comes with its own captain and a crew member onboard to ensure that their adventurous guests’ every need is catered for. The 18-meter-long sailing boat can be utilized for a four or seven-hour trip, and the freedom of travel on and around a paradise island by means of a private charter cannot be overstated. During the yacht charter, guests can visit the Southern Coastline of Madeira and stop to swim at their leisure, with towels, masks, and snorkels provided. Lunch is provided to nourish guests on an adventurous day on the water, along with champagne, wine, beer, water, cold drinks, and some snacks. A full itinerary is provided for all guests who wish to partake, otherwise, a calm and comfortable cruise can be enjoyed around one of Europe’s most prized locales. The options are endless, and with a maximum capacity of 12 people, the more the merrier.

The breathtaking island of Madeira is no stranger to the largest of the mammalian species, and whale watching has become a staple for tourists who traverse these famous shores. Rota dos Cetáceos is a company synonymous with whale and dolphin watching around the island and their tours come with an added element of prestige and expertise. All Rota dos Cetáceos whale and dolphin watching tours are accompanied by their marine biologist team, who provide an essential introduction to the local waters and enlighten their guests on the vibrant ocean life in the area.

Lookouts on land guide children and adults alike to the animals and ensure that they witness these incredible creatures live, and in vessels fully equipped to observe them in their natural habitat. Bottlenose, Common, Spotted, Striped, and Risso Dolphins are all native to the area and can be spotted alongside Bryde, Fin, Pilot, Sperm, or even false killer whales in a once in a lifetime experience that Trip Advisor voted a “Travellers Choice” for 2022.

Viewing these stunning creatures and exploring the aqua-blue Madeiran waters need not only be done onboard however, as Rota dos Cetáceos offers its customers a rare glimpse into what life is like at sea, as they take the plunge into the deep blue ocean and swim with the dolphins. Children between 6 and 11 years old and adults can experience an awe-inspiring interaction with these gentle animals, as they swim beside them in the fresh Portuguese waters. At Rota dos Cetáceos, swimming with dolphins is done calmly and safely, so their customers can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience without causing stress and discomfort to them or the ocean life, as safety is the top priority.

The Rota dos Cetáceos experience is a magical one, and whether the day is spent exploring the ocean surface on a luxury yacht or testing the crystalline waters beneath it, there is no better way to take in all the glorious magnificence that is the island of Madeira.

To book your next adventure or learn more about Rota dos Cetáceos, visit https://rota-dos-cetaceos.pt/


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