ARTCH – Merging Artistic Interior Design With Magnificent Spaces

ARTCH is an interior design and architecture studio in Mexico dedicated to creating artistic spaces and objects with soul. From the smallest decorative details to the general structure of spaces, the professional team at ARTCH are a group of people passionate about designing elegant and beautiful environments by considering both aesthetics and pragmatics and improving on each element every day. The team focuses on generating a total discourse that connects every element which is adaptable to the needs and preferences of each client, thus developing coherent, consistent, and magnificent spaces.

Credits to photographer Oscar Hernández

Each project at ARTCH is dedicated to understanding design solutions and delivering the premium results to each client. The company’s philosophy of creating soulful, artistic, and modern spaces is reflected clearly in one of their latest projects, Apartment BC1. The apartment was created as a new and personalized social space with large areas for interactive groups while keeping the atmosphere cozy for more intimate moments with smaller groups. The project, which is in Zona Hotelera, Cancun, was started in August 2020 and was completed in May 2021. The motivation behind this project was conceptualized for the interaction between family members.

Credits to photographer Oscar Hernández

The area size of BC1 is 420 square meters, the materials used for the project were wood, which serves as a unifying element, while white marble provides freshness as it is distributed throughout the apartment floor. The white marble is in contrast against the black slate that accentuates and divides the spaces while gold and black tones can be seen in decorative, lattice and art which complements the design. With breathtaking oceanic views, the structure of the building is fan-shaped with four large spaces distributed between the axis, the lobby invites guests to discover the social area which is supported by a large open kitchen which emphasizes the view of the Cancun Sea reflecting its turquoise blue on the black finish of the panels.

Large and intimate celebrations can be enjoyed in the living area, where privacy is maintained by golden lattice while a Calacatta gold marble structure on the ceiling embodies the sculpture of Rafael Coronel. Art is imperative in the design and composition, extraordinary art pieces can be seen throughout the apartment. The team has ensured that lighting is focused on the art, motivated by interaction with guests. The family room, which is behind the kitchen, serves as a main stage of daily co-existence and is a large space that visually integrates with the pool, opening access to family entertainment and fun.

There are three bedrooms in the apartment, distributed between the last axis of the building, where the master bedroom’s bed is in the center of the room, allowing for full breathtaking sea views. Along the wall of the main bedroom, there is a closet with mirrored doors, allowing the feel of more space while the outside view is visually reflected internally. There is a large dressing room and main bathroom which flow harmoniously together. The double and single bedrooms are located at the back of the main bedroom and have access to back garden pool views. The double room is modeled after a masculine design with leather beds and smoke-colored mirrors which adhere to elegant standards, while the single room, is colorful and textured, aimed at younger members of the family.

Credits to photographer Oscar Hernández

The bathrooms are surrounded by a cozy atmosphere and come equipped with smart controls and amenities. The design is white and black marbles slats, smoke-colored mirrors, tropical woods, and wide spaces which contributes to a luxury and an alternative feel. BC1 provides a welcoming environment for different types of social conviviality while maintaining an amalgamation of elegance, sophistication, and comfort, where the family lives in harmony creating unforgettable experiences.

Credits to photographer Oscar Hernández

ARTCH’s ongoing dedication to providing artistic and soulful design solutions while creating magnificent and luxury spaces, lives up to the client’s demand for exceptional design. The experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized ARTCH’s extraordinary work and selected them as a winner of Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design in Mexico 2021 for Apartment BC1.

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