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An Exquisite Japanese Experience – Gold Sushi Club Combines Tradition, Class and Specialty Cuisine


Althawaq International Corporation, a pioneering food and beverage (F&B) provider, opened the first location of a successful chain of Japanese restaurants in Saudi Arabia known as Gold Sushi Club. The company’s mission is to give patrons an authentic Japanese dining experience in a refined setting. The restaurant was recently awarded by Luxury Lifestyle Award as the Best Luxury Japanese Restaurant in Saudi Arabia, making it the winner for the second year in a row. In 2012, Gold Sushi Club opened its first location in the Rawdah neighbourhood in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia, catering to affluent diners in search of a hip, upscale eating venue. The restaurant’s reputation for serving delicious, well-executed Japanese food has since grown, inspiring the opening of additional sites and promising plans for the future. 

Although sushi is the most well-known Japanese dish, the Gold Sushi Club aims to eliminate the stereotype that sushi is the only traditional Japanese dish available. They serve authentic Japanese cuisine and other regional delicacies. Gold Sushi Club’s sushi chefs work long hours because they love Japanese food and want to serve the best sushi possible. Gold Sushi Club’s traditional cooking methods and live preparation station are a big part of what makes the food so delicious. To make their dishes taste as if they came straight out of Japan, the chefs employ traditional Japanese cooking methods and use only the highest-quality freshest finish and ingredients.  

In the live preparation station, diners may watch the chefs at work and get a taste of their talents. It’s a unique dining experience for customers to watch cooks prepare their food in front of them. In addition to its excellent sushi, Gold Sushi Club is renowned for its daring exploration of international flavours and gourmet fare. The chefs are always experimenting with new ingredients and methods to create delicious and innovative dishes beyond the bounds of traditional Japanese fare. 

The artists at Gold Sushi Club have designed a sensory experience, with the cuisine and decor seamlessly intertwined. In the restaurants, patrons can eat at the bar or a window table, surrounded by the elaborate decor and high-end touches like silk fabric finishes and dark wood furnishings. As a result of the company’s innovative use of traditional Japanese architectural components blended with a more current and contemporary aesthetic, the space is at once simple and refined, exuding an air of exoticism and allure. 

The Gold Sushi Club’s lounges aim to provide a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable dining experience in a cosy, relaxed setting. The company’s goal is not merely to satisfy its customers but to exceed their expectations for both the quality of its products and the level of care they receive. With increased demand from residential and commercial customers, the company has opened two new locations in Saudi Arabia, one in the Mohamadiya district and another in the Obhur district. The branch in the Mohamadiya neighbourhood is more of an “express model,” with takeaway and delivery as its primary functions. Riyadh City’s high-end clientele is the focus of the Rubeen Plaza location, which debuted in February 2020. Gold Sushi Club is located in one of Jeddah’s premier beach resorts, Salhia Beach Resort, with ambitious ambitions to grow in other areas as word of mouth spreads about its food and service quality. 

The Japanese fare at Gold Sushi Club is regarded as the most genuine and artfully crafted worldwide. The restaurant’s cosy, Japanese setting creates a wonderful dining experience. The company’s expansion ambitions indicate that it will soon become a globally recognized restaurant chain known for its impeccable quality standards in food and service. 

Experience the world of Gold Sushi Club today, visit https://goldsushiclub.com/ 


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