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A World of Holistic Wellbeing Awaits You At KAILO Wellness Medispa

KAILO Wellness Medispa provides a luxury health and spiritual healing experience in the Calile Hotel in a trendy neighborhood in Brisbane, Australia. Since its inception in 2018, the founders, Kath Merlo and Kristy Morris have strived to create a calming, warm space in a convenient location, allowing guests to rejuvenate and focus on improving their mental and physical well-being. The inspiring company has justly won Luxury Lifestyle Awards for three consecutive years, this time for Best Luxury Wellness Medical Spa in Australia, and they continue to aim to better their clients’ lives with tailored treatments. 

The name ‘KAILO’ is said to mean ‘wholeness’ and ‘a good omen’ in the early Indo-European Dialect. From the moment guests walk through the spa’s doors, they are welcomed into a special world of pleasant muted tones, an exquisite minimalistic interior, friendly staff, and an impressive range of treatments. Each guest is offered fresh herbal tea and warm hand towels upon arrival. 

Friendly staff, the Medispa specialists, are trained to provide comprehensive treatments and therapies, and each client is educated and inspired by the professionals, in order to help them infuse wellness practices into their everyday lives. 

Each client receives an individual package of treatments, specifically modified to the needs of their skin and the characteristics of their body. The physical treatments are coupled with meditation sessions, which are designed to calm you and help you focus on the present moment. 

After experiencing the COVID Pandemic and recent challenges across the globe, KAILO Wellness Medispa has learned that people’s feelings towards health and overall wellness have changed and have in most cases now become a priority. For some having healthy, glowing skin is the beginning of a journey of learning that their gut health plays a significant role in having healthy skin.  To others, this may mean supporting their mental health in areas of anxiety and depression, which have become more prevalent due to the unknown that has overcome our lives since the pandemic. 

By gaining this new knowledge, they knew it was time to expand upon their signature Medispa treatments of medical-grade skin health, functional medicine, beauty, and spa treatments and offer practices that complement their already extensive offerings.   

The founders, specialists in the spa and wellness industry,  recently launched a new sector of the business called “KAILO Well” which is a bespoke health and high-level concierge wellness space offering wellness and lifestyle coaching, nutrition coaching, cancer body treatments, energetic healing, and DNA matched skincare regime.   KAILO Well draws on a range of well-being practices from around the world and is a center for rejuvenation and deep healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

KAILO has brought together a well-educated, highly skilled team of doctors, practitioners, nutrition & wellness coaches, and energetic healers to work together and create magical experiences for guests. 

Within the multi-award-winning flagship Wellness Medispa space, the team continues to provide their treatment-based offerings including high-level facial treatments, cosmetic aesthetics, IV Vitamin therapy, functional medicine, laser skin rejuvenation, beauty, and massage rituals.  

The KAILO Wellness Medispa team combines traditional wellness approaches with up-to-date treatments and techniques. Carefully designed customer service protocols allow the company to confidently maintain its leadership position in the health and beauty sector in the region. Their success and unparalleled services have not gone unnoticed by experts across the globe, including Luxury Lifestyle Awards, and this company is certainly worthy of winning for the third time. 

For more on this successful company, and to book your specialized treatment, visit https://www.kailomedispa.com/ 

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