Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Personal and Business Needs

                                       Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Personal and Business Needs


Already tried a concierge service once and didn’t feel like the approach to you was personal and creative enough? Indeed, not all concierge and lifestyle management agencies have the same approach to their duties. But we’d like to introduce you to a company that puts YOUR personal desires first and doesn’t believe in call centers or answering machines - Luxury World Key.   

   This year this agency triumphed in Luxury Lifestyle Awards (following the victory in 2016) and became #1 in the category of Concierge Services in Dubai. The award has been granting garlands for more than 9 years to the best of the best in more than 40 award categories. Such world-famous brands as Ferrari, CHANEL, De Beers, Hilton and Dom Perignon were among the winners, and the geographical span included more than 50 countries.

   So what makes Luxury World Key so unique and high-profile to be distinguished by the award 2 years in a row? First and foremost, it is their policy to work personally with the client only. Listening to pre-recorded answers or constantly pressing 1,2,3 on your phone is annoying, and we all know that. And it is definitely not what you should be getting from a luxury concierge and lifestyle management service. At Luxury World Key, you will have the undivided attention of the best specialists in the area. So whether you need to plan an out-of-this-world tour or be advised on your investments – be sure that you are always in good hands.

   Speaking about the services: Luxury World Key offers great solutions both for private and corporate clients in various corners of the world (CIS, GCC, Europe, Asia). They include but are not limited to: training and development, luxury transportation, lifestyle management, business services, private jet concierge. There’s even a unique option of a children’s concierge! (Believe us, not too many companies offer that!). Your kids can get into some of the best summer camps, participate in kids’ safari, go to dolphinariums and more, because Luxury World Key believes that they are the most precious gift we have in life!

  So if you are looking for a luxury concierge and lifestyle management service and got tired of routine answers and solutions, turn to Luxury World Key for some out-of-the-box ideas. Being #1 and being creative always go hand in hand, and Luxury World Key will prove it to you!

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