Mamzi by Mariam Abdelghany

Mariam Abdelghany is the name behind Mamzi.

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt her whole life, young in age as she is 24 and has had her passion for fashion since she was young as she was raised by a mother who loved buying tailored clothes and always used to tailor her birthday dresses for her. And from that Abdelghany knew the feeling of creating the look instead of just buying the look. Abdelghany had a better understanding for the fashion field from a young age when her mother had her own atelier for couture and womens wear. Although she studied mass communications and Arts in the American University in Cairo, she never lost her love for designing and she got in to the Italian Fashion Academy in Egypt after graduation. Because of her experience with her mother before, that has helped her start her Mamzi brand right away.

Mamzi hasnt been so long in the field but it surely has made its impression on the people and some very known celebrities. The brands collections are based on creating something different, unique, elegant, feminine and a bit edgy for brilliant confident women. One of the latest collections for Mamzi was Animus FW15 it was inspired by tuxedos and manly clothes and its all about women empowerment and independence. Even when doing edgy its always important never to loose femininity for Abdelghany. Femininity and elegance is the most important for the brand. As well as its always important to create something unique yet wearable. The uniqueness of every piece is obvious from its silhouette, finish lines to the use of the highest quality of fabrics. Some very well known celebrities were seen wearing Mamzi like the super star Laila Elwi, Safaa Abou el seoud and Dorra and that has spot some light on the brand. However, Abdelghany's most important goal for Mamzi is to keep on getting inspired and inspire people with what shes creating which is always going to be different and special.