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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 / Список участников / Visionnaire
Luxury Lifestyle Awards


Since 1959 IPE srl has been manufacturing armchairs, sofas, beds, sofa-beds and complements of high-design in order to always satisfy a more and more advanced and demanding public who is trying to express, through these products, the pleasure of living its own house far from the proposal of an overstocked and flatten market. 1959. By will of Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli, Ipe was born, acronym for Imbottiture Prodotti Espansi (padding and expansion products), in a structure of 6.000 sqm in the vicinity of Bologna. But what were expansion products in 1959?

They were what we call today Polyurethane; chemical materials, soft and resilient, which permitted abandoning of the use of springs, horse hair, wool and other materials. This therefore revolutionised the construction system of the sofas, beds and also the seats of automobiles. Ipe was one of the very first companies to adopt this new method, be it for the seats of the automobiles, Lancia, be it for objects of design-furnishing, from its first product called Kosmo, designed by Prof. Rito Valla. Ipe srl celebrated 50 years in 2009, all spent with the intent of creating, inventing, projecting always with courageous entrepreneurial spirit; and so we wish the company long life and, attribute to this brand, a new and significant acronym, IPE: Impresa Per Entusiasti, Company for enthusiasts.

Its Philosophy wish to promote “Life Styles” free and far from Impositions or rigid Laws through personalized project of Furniture and Architecture and through the use of a technology focused on expressing Comfort, Innovation and Emotions. Its products are direct towards people without ages limit, distinguished by curiosity and enthusiasm for their own lifes.

Ipe srl produces and sells in more of 50 countries in the world through three Registered Trade Mark Brands, which give to its Collections the names. The charm of a royal palace, the magical appeal of the night:

Visionnaire begins with the dignity of an ancient gate that opens onto an unusual world. The dark inspirations, the esoteric references, and a few decorative elements interpreted in every possible variable recur as the strong elements of the Visionnaire style. Visionnaire is the dream of a world that expresses a nearly-Baroque decorative quest, the excellence of form, and the sophistication of materials. Just as in an ancient residence, the spirit of the environments plays with the hidden, multi-faceted, unconscious side of the individual: the house is the staging of a life full of fascination, and references to a world that is not exhausted by reality.

Black and white close the circle: in the perfection of their symmetry, they explain the attaction of opposites, dark and light, night and day. It also designs interiors following an absolutely personal, is a dream of the opposite, in which mystery and the night seem to find some peace in the milky glare of the day... but it’s only an impression, this time is not that of reality.

Why Visionnaire

Exclusive showroom of environments where creativity and design research blend and evoke precious scenarios like works of art. With its 2,000 square meters of exhibition space, Visionnaire Design Gallery is a concept store owned by IPE srl, the company based in Bologna and funded in 1959 by Cavalli family. The firm owns the brands IPE Cavalli and Visionnaire, the most refined life style luxury furniture brands.

Visionnaire reveals itself like a treasure chest reveals its jewelry: unique collections and exhibitions, signed Visionnaire, available to visitors as well as to the great skill of architects and designers, who can advice and suggest sophisticated solutions in interior design and living.

VDG opens its doors to visitors with an elegant and majestic bow: the decor and its lifestyle are staged. The glamorous decor joins with a gourmet bistro in the luxury of Visionnaire Design Gallery. A place of exceptional refreshments, in the center of Milan, the Cafe welcomes guests to indulge in culinary fantasies in a modern and precious setting perfect for a rejuvenating break, an appetizer or a tasty brunch at any time of day. The pleasure triumphs and stimulates all the senses, tickling the most refined palates.