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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 / Список участников / SolidCase
Luxury Lifestyle Awards


The Luxurious Cigars&Whisky Bar

Enjoy this very special luxury! With this unique item, you will enter a world of pleasure, and you will experience the uniqueness and esthetics of its exquisite content. Lean back and appreciate, with a glass of premium whisky and a cigar, the beauty of life. Same as an instant of time that is always different from the next one, no suitcase is identical to another one. For it is made caringly by hand from solid noble wood, and thus becomes a unique item. This is further underlined by various optional veneers, “walnut grained root wood”, “Mapa poplar grain” or “plane tree rainbow”. The perfectly fitted closures and hinges from chrome, silver or gold-plated brass show great artisan perfection. The high oil-content of the rare Mexican rosewood type “Cocobolo” provides the handle with a pleasant grip surface. The appearance is topped off with subtly fitted Swarovski crystals decorating the corners of the noble suitcase. The high-quality workmanship and distinguished selection of the materials fits seamlessly in the interior and matches the outside appearance of the suitcase. This luxurious suitcase set is an absolute eyecatcher making you the center of any party. Enjoy this attendance and share the special moments with this unique suitcase.

Special moments require equally special ceremonials. With the legendary “Montecristo” cigars, the name was inspired by the “The Count of Monte Christo”, you can praise such moments. These cigars are among the strongest Cuban cigars. The tobacco of the longfillers, added in 1971 only to the Montecristo brand, originates from Cuba’s top region, the Vuelto Abajo, and allows a delightful smoking time of about 40 minutes.Esthetics and optimum functionality are united by the Humidor. It impresses by its elegant exterior and protects the cigars from drying out by the cedar wood employed and the integrated humidifier made from stainless steel. At the same time, their maturation process is promoted, and the flavor is safely kept inside the Humidor.